Sunday, December 30, 2012

QuoTes That seeM To be Extracted from life

*P.s each n every Quote touched ma heart above :) hope every1 out there likes it :) will be glad to hear bout your views..n which was your favourite among them ? :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you really love her Unconditionally!

Phew i m writing a post for almost after a month :(
All thanx to ma exams (hectic time)
 so finally m back on blogger with a certain thought which is playing in ma mind since almost a week,
 Is it enough to say I love you without taking a stand for your girl in front of the whole world?
I don't know....i actually can't perfectly think of an answer to this.
Being a girl what does one expect from her guy?
Telling her I love you N acting single for the world??
Is that what you call true love?
Well I don't !!!
If a guy cannot tell the world he loves u,then may be he doesn't,
If he cannot accept you as a part of his life,
The may be he will never make you enter his future life!!!
Every girl deserves security, she needs to feel secure about her realtionship n she will always feel best when her guy will tell his friends meet her " She is Ma girl,Ma baby,ma life"
 *so all u guys out there don't wait for da perfect moment n tell da world out there Yes i love her n I always will !!! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

will you stay ? or will you leave?

Waiting for the one you love is the hardest thing one can imagine to experience in life,
Being with the one you love is beautiful,
But what if the one you love just lingers you on?
What if there is no sense of emotional attachment n realization of da trauma you suffer each day because of the one you love?
Will you decide to stay ,wait n love them forever?
Or will you just move away letting things be?
 *p.s its just a casual post dat came from ma heart,Nothing personal at all,but just a normal mere question!! will you stay ? or will you leave?? )

Monday, October 29, 2012

Made For each other

It wasn't so easy nor was it tough,
What all it took was the essence of love,
I was young,so were you,
You took the step I just followed you,
You held ma held,We passed phases too,
It seemed a dream,
A dream come true,
It was LOVE,Love that grew,
All it was about we,just me n you,
Walking paths with no fear or gloom,
Sitting beside for an hour or two,
Hugging long and holding me like glue ,
Pissing me off and apologizing too,
Looking into ma eyes saying "  I Love you"
Lying in ma lap saying Wana grab you :D
Your naughty pranks to your annoying craps wohohoohoh,
Your endless apologies to drama mess huhuhuhhu,
It's all adoreable,awesome i can say
We together the adorable mess :p
  *p.s You n me are meant to be :) Made For Each Other :) :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Diary !!

It seems ages since I've been in love with Him,
But yet things seem fading away..
Each day,Each moment!!
I love you beyond everything in this world,I realised that way back..
You do too but your actions hardly show!!
I wana be the most special one,the one who you are scared to loose,
The one you wana hold close forever,
Wana be the priority of your life,Not an option...
Expressing love is what can make love stronger,I've been always explaining this fact to you!!
Acceptance is what make a relation stronger n secure,
Why is it not working?why are complications just worsening!
I m lost just too much lost,
I have been trying hard to make you feel ma importance but it hardly has made any difference!
What do you want?what do you expect is just not visible,
You want me to stay,You can't bear me leave,
But what's the point staying in your life if you are not putting an effort to make me stay!!
If you need me show me.....:(
 *p.s It's COMPLICATED :(:(

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quote$ are sometimes just more than enough to say everything!!!

                                    Quotes!!! A beautiful creation to express!      Love,Care,disasters,Depression,Excitement,anger,Friendship,Joy,Success,Inspiration,parents,God,Nature!
Quotes can define everything,anything with simplicity :) so Here's another collection of quotes i've got for ma followers n viewers.Hope u love them too. :)
*p.s With each new post of mine on this blog,I get more n more of love from everyone. Thanx a ton to everyone out there:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Story of a Woman-part 2

I went through so much..
I died within each day,
Those bastards kept raping me day n night,
They kept using me throughout,
I could not utter a word,
Ma tears never stopped,
Ma pain was unbearable,
He sold me further to a lady called Mala Bai,
She was a dealer of escorts,
Ma life was gonna be hell I could sense that, with each new breath i took,
I was renamed as Chameli by Mala Bai,
That wasn't ma dream,
I dreamt of an identity given to me by ma so called parents,A name with sign of love that i wished ma parents could have given me,
Two names ..two lives ..two disasters...that isn't a gal's dream when she is born.
But that was a destiny written for me,the harsh destiny because I was born as a female.
I was dressed up as a beauty each day..
But it was of no worth,I was just a mere Dummy who was dressed up so that one can make her the source of Lust..Lust of sex...
I decided to away from the world of women prostitution,
They ran behind me..I kept running...
I was far n far way..but they kept following....
I succeeded but ma life could never be normal..
A women's NGO though took me away when I was seen fainted on a road side..
But life will never be okay..
I am no one today,
I am just patient no.*97 In a mental asylum,
Mental asylum because trauma that i went through is something i can never recover ..
trauma equivalent to death....
I am a no one..
I am a shattered woman who might just end up dying in this asylum,
I m no one for anyone,I am an orphan,
I have no friends,
I lived without love,I will never be a wife..Nor a mother..
I will die as nothing just because "I Was Born As A girl"
 *p.s this story was potrayed by me just to express that females are a form of God,stop killing them..They have a right to live....:(

Friday, October 5, 2012

Our love is 2 Years old(Happy Anniversary)

Two years of togetherness,
Two years of Love,
Two years of passion,
The passion of love!!
Times of joy,times of laughters,
Times of smiles,Times of fights turning disasters,
Times that made me happy with you by ma side,
Times that gave me tears when you said good-bye,
We loved,we fought,
We fought,we loved,
But all that remained was the intensity of true love,
We crib,we shout,WE make fun,we annoy,
We irritate like hell,at da same time wait for the peaceful bell,
We change,we remain same,
We expect,we shatter,
But all that stayed was the Expectation of a love never ending,
We hugged with the warmest touch,We touched with a tender rub,
We kissed like it was our first always,
we mixed our emotions into a meaningful relationship always,
Two years passed by by being you n me as US,
Two years passed by teaching us the meaning of TRUE US,
I am grateful to you for all that you gave,for all that you did for me,
And most of all for giving me the most precious jewel of life "YOURSELF"
Happy anniversary to us ma love :) happyyy two years!!LOVe ya <3
 *p.s i pray that may this bond last forever n ever!
 A forever that will never matter how complex things become...
 Love will be present olws all times,be it calm,be it war..It might seem invisible,but at da end it will last!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stop being ruthless,stop rapes!

Ma mornings these days are being unusual !!
Unusual beyond something called Scary !!
Reason being?? the ruthless people residing in this society.
Today morning waking up made me almost die,Why? because of newspaper.
The first news That THE CHANDIGARH TRIBUNE READ was 5 year OLD GIRL RAPED !!!!
Tears in ma eyes made realize that You are alive!!!!
How could someone?? how can some be so insensitive?
5 years?? a child..a small baby girl who just was in her childhood targeted for what?? for thirst??for lust?for Sex?
Why?? ma mind kept asking me has been 6 days that i m hearing one or two girls being raped everyday in A city like chandigarh???
Where are our morals going?? if rules imply on girls then do men get the benefit of raping??
a child?? Damn it!! doctors say that the girl was too small ...and her trauma is beyond imagination!
The ruthless 2 men raped her so harsh that her lower abdomen organs tore apart!!
How will she ever forget?how will she face the society? A kid! a kid meant to play,meant to be cheerful is suffering from disastrous trauma! Trauma of??? trauma of hatred she will never get out of!!
Hatred for men !!!
Men are making us hate them.
I feel sick of the cruel n stone hearted people who have this mentally sick attitude !
Life is beyond this thing called Sex!!!
God has made us to love people not to use them,hurt them,exploit them.
Parents are scared for their daughters, they are helpless,Where is independence??
Where is freedom??
If freedom can make you a target of Rapes ! Who will love freedom?
Wake up people!!!!!! It's getting serious each day,we need to live!! WE girls Make this world complete.
Stop hurting n using us!! We are Daughters,Mothers,sisters,wifes.
MAke us proud to be a Girl ,Rather than making us regret that why we were born as girls.
 *p.s I pray for everyone who has been a victim of this serious issue! I hope of their well being n i believe that god has his own ways!! And no cruel fake n criminal people are forgived be all mighty ever!!
                    LOVE Girls ,RESPECT Them,CARE for them, n most of all VALUE them!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Story Of a woman-Part 1

I am a nameless creature who was punished because of being born as a girl!!
I am a nameless creature whose unknown parents left her at a railway platform!Why?
Because I was a Girl!! A girl who was born to live, was dumped in a messy smelly dustbin of a railway platform!
I don't know how my tiny body survived,nor do i want to know how I did,
I just know the man who took me out from there after he saw tons of crows sitting on ma body,and blood on their beaks!
May be it was destiny someone saw me! A small little body of merely 5 days lying in a bin in a cloth not so covered!
He took me out and gave me a home!
He gave me a name "payal"
He made me aware of the fact that i was a polluted one who was thrown Coz I AM A GIRL!
He made me work like a maid at his house but I din't mind,after all I was just an unknown liability on him!
Moment i turned 8 I considered him as a big brother,i considered him as a family!
But things are not so perfect as they seem!
He bought me home because he was a man with thirst Of money,Money and most of all SEX!
He raped me everyday,every night!
He feeded me like i was a mere slut!
He made me live on water for long times..
I was 8.But life made me learn almost all in that "not so childhood"
People came and went!
They came,used me..paid for it and went off!
I was pale,weak,ma lower abdomen was almost lapsed!
3 long years i was used,by infinite number of people!
not even a single one of those shrewd men thought how such small girl is being used by a bastard,
He earned lots with ma body!
Ma life was dark! shattered beyond all levels
He accomplished his targets Of MONEY AND SEX BOTH!
 *p.s life is just too dark for women still and no one can realize their pain. will be back with part 2 soon describing the never ending miseries of this woman! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Quotes ThaT Touched ma Heart !!

Few things you come across in life,Which always leave an essence! Quotes are something that can define tons of emotions in a sentence or two!! N that is what enhances it's beauty!! some are just too close to your heart that you can actually relate them to your lives!
 *p.s 3rd and 8th are ma personal favourite :)
 Hats off to all the wonderful people who created such master pieces :) Regards!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


UUgghh RANBIR KAPOOR!! I cannot keep mah eyes of YOu..
I wish I could actually write a book describing THAT man you look something even beyond SEXY <3
Heart throb for millions but dude I love You madly !! :)
I wish I could actually marry YOU :D
PEOPLE call you flirt But for me ;) you are a,amazing!
The way you act.the way you move,The way you dress up.The way you speak...It's all out of the world :)
And for me Drooling over you all day all night is just Heavenly :)
  *p.s this post was short n full of girly mad stuff But uugghhh I love him beyond everything.. :)
   XOXO RANBIR :) :) mmuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG BABY :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Breaking up in the monsoon!

Monsoon..the season of love!!
The season of romance!
The time where drenching in rain together is the most beautiful experience,
Best time to have loads of coffee and gossips n loosing into your someone special,
But this monsoon is somewhat different...
It made me apart from you.
We are no more together...
We are no more lost..
You chose what you wanted to..
N look at me? still roaming around the same paths,roads,Cafes,where we used to!
It's all over! I can't believe when you said that!
But it's true..I got to be strong enough to accept the fact that..YOU N ME ....It's OVER!
I can't curse you...nor can I curse this destiny..
I curse myself ..U know why?? because it's me who gave you that special place in ma heart..
I gave you that right to hurt me dude..
Somehow may be you never loved me...Or you did...
But it won't have ended if you really did..
Our ways are apart...our paths apart..
Ma phone does'nt beep..with that special essence the way it used to when you messaged"I LOVE U BABY"
May be i'll never forgive you...
Never ever till i die..
But you know what's hurtful..
I still love you........
May be i always will !! :( :( :(

Sunday, September 2, 2012


The time when crying is the only option left,
Because making him understand is something beyond control,
And letting him go is what will kill me even more!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day by day you are going away!

Day by day you are going away,
Day by day i am loosing ma way,
Day by day you moving far n far,
Day by day you choosing a different way!
I am alone looking at you,
Searching for the old you,
You are sure of what you do,
I can't understand what to do!
I am an honest heart who is loving you everyday,
You are going far! far n far away!
You made me fall for you deeper n deeper  each new day!
Today you can't even assure that you will always stay!
Ma heart is all shattered into pieces that hurt,
You going,leaving me alone far n far away!!
 *p.s it hurts beyond imagination,when you put your hope into someone,n that someone leaves you choosing some other way or aspiration above you! :( :(

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You are the One for me

The times we Don't meet Are the times Most lifeless,
The times We don't talk are the times so meaningless,
The days spent without you are days full of gloominess,
The seasons without you seem too Worthless,
I feel I am lost like a small little child,
When I walk without your hand in ma hand,
I am no one without you,I am lifeless without you,
You are the reason I feel ma life is worth,
You are the priority I live each day For,
You are the essence of Purity who makes me feel alive,
You are the sunshine who makes ma days bright,
You complete Me,Is all i know,
You are the One for me is all i know !!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Marriage!! A small lil word with depth of feelings hidden inside,that's meant to last forever!
God has made two people for each other somewhere in some or the other corner of the world!
Marriage? Should it be a arranged?or should it be with the one you love?
A debateable question since ages!
Well I believe it should be with the one you feel is your Mr.right Or miss.perfect!
People say love marriage is all about disregarding,disobeying your parents!!
It's a BIG NO to this opinion! It's entirely false.
Our parents love it when we act as independent.
Parents are equivalent to GOD,
They live to see us happy!
Love is the purest form of emotion, a human being can experience in lifetime!
Love is serene! Marrying the one you love is the best gift one can receive from god!
Marriage needs little amount of adjustments,compromises,loads of compatability,and LOVE!
And if you know the one you gonna get married to, you hardly need more time after marriage to make things work,
Being in love before getting into the bond of marriage makes you understand him/her completely,
You learn to adjust with their behaviour,their flaws,their mood swings,
You make efforts to tell them what you love about them and what makes you hurt!
Till the time you are ready to get into the Beautiful bond of marriage you are completely sure of what are the do's and don'ts you need to follow after marriage with your partner :)

The time  period people generally use to understand each other,the likes and dislikes after An Arranged marriage might just prove to be so long sometimes.
On the contrary in case of love marriage It's  just so simple,Everything is just crystal clear,You know them,It's just now you officially owe them. :) you can express,love as much as you want to! No more time to be put up,No clashes as to make adjustments,just creating a scenario full of love,hapiness for yourself,your family,n most of all you partner!
The one you love truly will make each possible effort in return to love your family as well!
He/She will consider your family as their's.
And you know that's what matters the most!
And this will enhance the bond of Your Pure relationship called marriage even more!!
Love makes the life beautiful And marriage makes love last forever indeed!
Indeed marriage depends on "WILL POWER" "LOVE" "LOYALTY" and most of all "COMMITMENT"

        This post is an entry for the "LOVE MARRIAGE YA ARRANGED MARRIAGE" contest organised by Sony entertainment Television and Indiblogger.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Give a cHance to liFe-live freely(SOAK NO MORE)

Life is precious,You are extremely Lucky to be born as a human!
Value it by loving it,Value it by living each moment of life as if it's your last.
Life is not mere about MATERIALISM! It's much beyond that!
Life is not Just about your apple laptops,Your blackberry,Your AUDI Q7,Or any other luxury!
Life is much beyond the materialism,Much beyond STRESS,TENSIONS,FRUSTRATIONS!
Stress won't make you feel lively,Nor will your I-Phone,
Money won't lead to true hapiness! It's the time with your loved ones,It's the Seasons of this universe,
The love of you special ones which will make your life worth!
World is competitive I agree But running behind your Luxurious aspirations Is not the only thing for which  we are meant for! We are the beautiful creatures made by god to live on this amazing earth.
Go ahead Live life,Enjoy the serene ambience around you!
Step Out of your comfy beds And feel the rain!
Drench in it and feel the beauty of TRUE LIFE,
Feel the droplets and remember the one You love :)
Go out in your oldest Attire and feel the old days of your life,
Sing,Dance on your favourite songs,
Call your beloved,Your friends just to tell them You care,
Go for a drive living,Enjoying,getting inspired from each creature on the earth,
Leave your tensions,Stress,Billionaire dreams behind for sometime!!
And LIve!! Live to make your lifeWorth!

And give Your life a Fair true chance and make it worth!!
So that you never regret :) :)
                    This entry is for the SURF EXCEL MATIC "SOAK NO MORE"
                    contest organised by Indiblogger.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The way she left me

Today I stand nowhere in life,
Because she broke ma heart!!
The heart that loved her,Just her with all true feeling$,
She moved on,she is far far away from me,
Not because I did not love her,
BUt because she preferred someone else over me,
She has made me feel helpless,
I stand nowhere..I am lost,
No words in this universe can define the way i feel right now,
I am devastated,destroyed,hollow,
I feel pale,
I feel a body with just breaths going on..But yet so lifeless,
I was'nt wrong,I am not wrong,
Yet here I am lost,pale,standing alone like a moron,
For her it was easy,For me it's tough,
For her I was an option,
For me she was the one,
For me she was ma angel,
For her I was a normal man,
For me she was ma life,
For her I was a just normal way!
It's hurting the way nothing could ever,
I feel ma heart is bleeding,It's not injured,It's finished,
I've lost her,
She's not bothered nor does she care!
But i am deteriorated,Ma life is of no worth!
I feel something even beyond hurt! Something beyond Death!! Something beyond everything !! :(
        *p.s this is ma 50th post for ma blog!! thanx a ton to ol those wonderful people who frequently visit ma blog n appreciate ma writings! m greatful to each one of u! hope to keep entertaining everyone fond of reading :) love u all :) take good care!! keep visiting! :) (( PAlaK :) ))

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nothing beyond you!

Nothing can ever change the way I feel for you,
Nothing can overcome the feelings I posses for you,
Nothing can make me feel the way you do,
Nothing can make me feel so safe the way you do,
Nothing in this world seems more right  the i way I feel with you,
Nothing in this world Can make me feel "love" beyond YOU!!