Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stop being ruthless,stop rapes!

Ma mornings these days are being unusual !!
Unusual beyond something called Scary !!
Reason being?? the ruthless people residing in this society.
Today morning waking up made me almost die,Why? because of newspaper.
The first news That THE CHANDIGARH TRIBUNE READ was 5 year OLD GIRL RAPED !!!!
Tears in ma eyes made realize that You are alive!!!!
How could someone?? how can some be so insensitive?
5 years?? a child..a small baby girl who just was in her childhood targeted for what?? for thirst??for lust?for Sex?
Why?? ma mind kept asking me has been 6 days that i m hearing one or two girls being raped everyday in A city like chandigarh???
Where are our morals going?? if rules imply on girls then do men get the benefit of raping??
a child?? Damn it!! doctors say that the girl was too small ...and her trauma is beyond imagination!
The ruthless 2 men raped her so harsh that her lower abdomen organs tore apart!!
How will she ever forget?how will she face the society? A kid! a kid meant to play,meant to be cheerful is suffering from disastrous trauma! Trauma of??? trauma of hatred she will never get out of!!
Hatred for men !!!
Men are making us hate them.
I feel sick of the cruel n stone hearted people who have this mentally sick attitude !
Life is beyond this thing called Sex!!!
God has made us to love people not to use them,hurt them,exploit them.
Parents are scared for their daughters, they are helpless,Where is independence??
Where is freedom??
If freedom can make you a target of Rapes ! Who will love freedom?
Wake up people!!!!!! It's getting serious each day,we need to live!! WE girls Make this world complete.
Stop hurting n using us!! We are Daughters,Mothers,sisters,wifes.
MAke us proud to be a Girl ,Rather than making us regret that why we were born as girls.
 *p.s I pray for everyone who has been a victim of this serious issue! I hope of their well being n i believe that god has his own ways!! And no cruel fake n criminal people are forgived be all mighty ever!!
                    LOVE Girls ,RESPECT Them,CARE for them, n most of all VALUE them!!


  1. i am too ashamed to say anything on this...i am sorry..

    1. suchhit frst of all thanx aton fr visiting ma blog!! n secondly ppl who are a part of these rapes shud be ashamed!! ppl say india is rising but somehow hearing ol ds wd each new day i doubt the rising !! i wsh ppl stop being so stone hearted to girls :(

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    1. noopur these realities are harsh enough to make us cry :'(

  3. a fantabulously awesome post !!
    Long Live Women :)

  4. I dun knw, wat to say or write…. Dis post of urs made me sad nd at the same tym angry also…. After reading dis closed my eyes for few mins…… thinking….. ‘WHY??’

    U knw wat, while I was in delhi, till 2009, used to read the same almost every day , sick people full of lust nd hunger 4 sex destroy gal’s life be it a kindergarden child or an adult, but the worst part is nobody cares nt even police, even if police arrest anyone guilty , dey r released under the pressure of politician or on account of money…. It’s really very sad……. I used to think only delhi isn’t safe for gals bt nw I knw abt chandigarh also……

    The question is ‘WHY’, Why people become so blind coz of lust dat they even 4get humanity? And what makes dem to do so? Few r juz sick minded nd few do it for d sake of doin it…..

    U knw wat the ratio of rape is quite a lot in New Delhi nd it’s sub-urbs as compared to any other part of India, atleast I’m pretty sure abt Mumbai-Pune belt…… gals feel safe here even roaming around in nyt be it alone or wid frnds,…… reason being 70% of population here is well educated for rest 30%, dey hv gt places to take their frustration out………

    Also wat I hv felt or rather shud say hv observed that in India sex is taken as……………… aahhhh juz leave it….. I shudn’t say dese things publicly…. Dun knw abt u…… bt few people myt mind my language nd the content was goin to ryt…… (sum tyms ur posts juz compel me to write even my deepest thot )…….

    Palak… dis tym I won’t say dat it was a nice article reason being it’s content bt at the same tym I wud lyk to appreciate dat sum1 thinks the same way I do nd hv taken a step to write it…… may be we cud get it published so dat people cud understand sumthing out of dis………

    Keep Smiling……. Bless You.. Tc


    1. i told u we have lots in common be it a movie or thoughts!! bt u knw i completely agree wd u today it's just too unsafe fr we girls to get out wdout any fear reason??just lust of cruel men!! m glad that u have same point of view! n yes its beyond abusing what i feel wen i hear ol this everyday!! bt i dnt knw wen will some1 actually take a step to overcome this issue :(

    2. hmmmm it's nt abt some1 buddy..... the whole society needs to understand nd take a step against dis... bt in India.. one thing is very common... 'jo ho raha hai wo hone do, apne se kya matlab, bura mat dekho, bura mat suno aur agar dekh liya hai to dekh k aage badh jao'

      nd hey dun be sad yarrr..... one day everything wud be fyn.... hv patience..... till den....

      Keep Smiling..... Bless You.. Tc....


      nd hey... i came across a profile on google+ lukd quite similar to urs as it consists of posts frm ur blog... dun has pic of a doll.... is it u only.. ??

    3. yup dats me.. :) bt i dnt use google plus nyhow..just use yahoomail n fb n blogger!

  5. A simple conclusion..,,
    Such types of personalities can't be human..,,
    infact they can't even be animals as atleast they have a sense..,,

    They are simply a blot and intolerable..,,