Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BaBy it's love just say yes! -part 1

                                                 BaBy it's love just say yes! -part 1
Wake up!!!!!! sameera wake up!!
wtf alisha!why r u yelling aaaann at 8 in mrng like a fire alarm!! :/
ummm alisha my room mate,ma frnd,ma loveable sis n ma only companion after ma parents passed away 7 years back!
h-e-l-l-o madam u got to wake up coz as much i remember ur childhood best friend Mr.aakash is coming today! :)
oohh shit damn damn m late! his flight is at 12 noon..i got to dress up,have to make his favourite chocolate brownies,n da italian lunch,then get his favourite yellow carnations from way n then at sharp 11.30 i got to be at airport ! ggrrr i have so much to do !
Damn u alisha u din't make me awake on time...
huf huf running in chaos u girl will make u even late alisha yelled at me,
just make up da batters of your cooking stuff n then freshen up! huh u n ur lazy drama! :p
perhaps m nthng wdout ur advices alisha love u sexo!!
shut ur cheesy lines n work nw or AAkash will make u cheese :p
lol! hoh its 11,,have to run! food is ready,u just keep it in fridge,m off to airport now or else i'll be late n aakash will kill me!
AAkASH,ma childhood friend,he went usa 10 years back with his family!
He was somehow ma best friend n a true guide! som1 i misssed each day!
m excited to meet him after 10 long wud he look..his reactions after seeing me!
Will he like ma blue n white dress? da flowers m carrying?
Tons of questions messing up ma mind thruout da way to airport!
(to be continued) :) asap!! cya soon with the part 2 !!:) tcr ol!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Waiting,wanting n lusting,
For da someone who i dreamt of since childhood,
Waitng for da dream man that used to come in ma dreams wen i was 9,
I wonder inside if he really exists,
I wonder what if he was amiss,
I m no more a 9 year child,
I m mature enough to deal with ol that happens here n by,
I m an adult who is 19 now,
But still i wonder If he really exists,
The tall fair guy on a riding horse,
Well that got restricted since i saw volkswagen n porche :p
Jokes apart i m not materialistic like the others r these days,
I still believe in some corner of this earth he really does stay,
The one whu is worth ma worry n faith,
I still believe the man with a pure heart surely has a way,
I still trust ma pain will cause tears for him more than it caused in my way,
I still somewhere feel he will care for me like an angel,
I still havE faith ma dream man exists!
May be m waiting for somE1 whu will never come,
May be ma dream man is with me already,
May be It's just a sign that god will give soon at a new stage,
Or may it will be Forgotten as JUST A DREAM just like another filmy story!
 *p.s a girl always has a set back in mind wat kinda guy she wants as her dream man but in reality wen she gets attached to somE1 da dreams of dream man she shatters herself n gives loyal n pure effort for her present guy n makes him her everything!
 a girl adjusts,sacrifices ol her dreams wen it comes to tRue love! nva hurt her!
 u owe her alot! Even a try of being her dream man can give her loads of hapiness !
so understand da way she feels,n what she inside expects!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PhAsEs OF LoVe sTorY-pArT 4

                                                   PhAsEs OF LoVe sTorY-pArT 4
Dis is da part 4 of the love story,da last part!(HE REALIZED LOVE N WE R TOGETHER AGAIN)
Time passed,days,months,an year complete! 5 october visting da class with a firm decision in ma heart,
that today i m gona ask him what he wants,if he loves me then accept it if he does not then no point lingering this depression more,
i asked him for his final answer about US,
n it was a yes! :) yesssss ! first tym in ma life may b i loved that word completely :)
he accepted me back! he accepted US back
he realized that living without me isn't possible for him!
i agree it wasn't! neither for him nor me!'
it was a fact we really loved each other madly!
Conditions made it harsh!
he was rude n ruthless at times!
But forgiveness was ma choice!
A gap of one complete year could not fade away da love!
I was happy! may b even above then the cloud nine :)
people near me did feel i was a fool giving ma guy another chance after so much through what i suffered but
let go wasn't meant to be, may be!
giving up wasn't ma choice,making him reailze da beauty of ds wonderful relationship that we hold was ma choice,
i don't regret waiting for ma guy! i believe in GOD! the all mighty!
Even though now it has been approximately two years of togetherness we still do fight,misunderstand,
get angry! but at end we know we r mad for each other :)
Even though like ol stupid couples we still do have small temporary breakups! lol
but may be it's a part of life!
Our relation has no promises,no boundatins,no securities n assurities of a future together!
but i believe i should rely on god! he s dere to set things ryt!
may b he s not that mad fot me the way he was before he got ma YES in da first phase of ds love story!
BUt love is bout accepting all that happens!
n i do accept! coz one day he will truly b mad fr ds gal like no1 else!
Phases come n pass! ol that stays is LOVE," unconditional love fr ech othr!
There exists FAITH N LOYALTY above da thing "LET GO" n "MOVE ON"
dats what i chose!
n with true loyal effort i beleive things will be best forever! where he l be sure enough :)
 so with final phase of ds love story i hope u ol loved it  :)
tcr u ol :) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

yOUR LoVe gIvEs mE StReNgTh tO LiVe

                                 yOUR LoVe gIvEs mE StReNgTh tO LiVe

I was a normal girl,living with few decent dreams in my eyes,
even though da life made me face terrible phases of cries,
i met a guy who made felt i was an angel,
He made me analyse life through each n every angle,
I nva thought da feeling called true love existed,
But today i knw in da form 'him' it really existed,
I wasn't a special creature,neither i had those beauties of an angel,
But yet he made me realize how beautiful i was,
How much beauty in ma pure heart was,
I believed him,yes i did,
he loved me for what i was,not for what world thought of me,
He scolded me when he felt was essential,
He pampered when he realized i was low,
He held ma hand When i was needing a man truly to be mine,
having him in ma life today makes me feel no less than a princess of a kingdom,
Even though we fight sometimes,
Decide to be apart sometimes,
Misunderstand sometimes,
But at da end i know,
We will last no matter what happens!
Coz i trust you baby! i really do!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


CRAZY!! the true word to describe the present scenario ! :)
time to look up smile again with loads of spark n hapiness!!
umm coz da reason of hapiness is back! :)
FAITH works !! oh yess it does ! :)
well bad times do end one day or the other!!
GOD he does truly exists must say!!!
He hears da prayers n here da world from ME N U is 'US' yoh!
well a few days break with no communication does works to boost up da realization of true need!
distance does sometimes proves to be beneficial in a relationship! be it friendship or love,
it's good sometimes to stop talking for sumtym to make da inside u knw how much does
he/she cares, give it a shot,just don't loose faith!
if it's meant to be it will surely work!
ma post is for ol da people who loose hope that things once messed up cannot work!
it can ! i strongly believe it can :)
life does not end with one wrong saying or a damn bad fight,
life is wen u feel inside to say SORRY!
life is wen each point of time u remember oh he/she used to tease me like that :)
life is wen u smile thinking of stupid fights u had with them,
life starts wen accepting that oh man yes i want HIM/HER back no matter what i got to do for it :)
If u have them all no power will make u loose him/her! :)
with loads of positivity hope to see u ol soon :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


                                       PHASES OF LOVE STORY-PART 3( are we really apart or not)
Well back with the third phase of da love story( ARE WE REALLY APART OR NOT)
LOVE...beautiful wen it nothing goes on without complications,
like da other warm loving days another day started,
entering da class with da hope of seeing u waiting for me,
wait wait...wat? you?sitting wd some guys seperately..
not waiting for me? well that was a damn bad shock for me!
staring at me from a distance,asking me to sit alone today..
no words may be dat tym! he left me SPEECHLESS!!
i wonder wat was wrong wd him!
da whole day olmost went off n we din't talk..
reaching home i tried his phone..cutting ma call..i got a txt aftr round 1 hour "hey.".
ma texts contained hundreds of questions..
y?y we din't we sit together?y u din't talk?wat went wrong?
got a text back don't worry..we l tak later.bout it!.
evening 6 i got a text!
HE: sorry we got to break up!!
it's not your fault,
but ma friends dey want me to choose either you or dem..
i can't leave them yar...
ME:EXCUSEME!! u mean u leaving me?
HE:yes..m sorry bt i can't help it..
2 march was da date wen he broke up..n after dat 1 cmplete year we were just left with a staring realationship!!!
not talking..just looking at each other for hours n hours..yes i knew he did love he left that too jst for his friends...that too was a truth!
yet i had da hope...the wait....he used to text randomly ask whethr i moved on or not..n dats it!
may be he was possessive,ya he was i guess!!may be he could nva imagine me with som1 else!
people round could make out we had something but nothing is love if 2 people r nt dre to complete it.
no talking but just an internal care went on for days..n weeks....n a year then...
this phase was painful coz..there was smtym i felt nothing..
yet ma wait 2 get him back went on!!
**p.s dis phase was yet inside we both did..!!.a phase where we both din't know(ArE WE REALLY APART OR NOT)
*will be back soon with the fourth phase! till then keep visiting! n take good care!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 It was a dark night with a deep cloudy sky,
 Da lovely drops of rain  flowing thereby,
 Da street lights gave a beautiful  shine to da water lying on da ways,
 Da lake near by was getting filled up with water increaing it's grace,
Holding hands while were walking in rain,
He held an umbrella to me make feel safe,
Walking with him in that rain was a wonderful phase,
Looking at da sky n singing songs together,
Splashing water with feet holding hands together,
Playing with ma wet hair n admiring da way i looked,
Gazing at me n saying..water droplets make you look even more gorgeous baby! <3
Da shine of street lights dat were falling on his face,
Making his deep eyes shine looking at me with an admirable craze,
Though rain was'nt a new thing for me,
Yet i felt getting dRenched in rain was something brand new for me,
walking miles n miles din't make me feel tired at all,
His warm touch n d romantic rain may b made me move on n on,
Dropping me home finally wen he closed da umbrella,
Hugging me tight n saying good night,
kissing me with a gentle touch ..
making me feel da grace of US,
dat walk was mere the longest one indeed,
loveable memory leaving us know that "yes IT's all about WE indeed "