Thursday, May 3, 2012


                                       PHASES OF LOVE STORY-PART 3( are we really apart or not)
Well back with the third phase of da love story( ARE WE REALLY APART OR NOT)
LOVE...beautiful wen it nothing goes on without complications,
like da other warm loving days another day started,
entering da class with da hope of seeing u waiting for me,
wait wait...wat? you?sitting wd some guys seperately..
not waiting for me? well that was a damn bad shock for me!
staring at me from a distance,asking me to sit alone today..
no words may be dat tym! he left me SPEECHLESS!!
i wonder wat was wrong wd him!
da whole day olmost went off n we din't talk..
reaching home i tried his phone..cutting ma call..i got a txt aftr round 1 hour "hey.".
ma texts contained hundreds of questions..
y?y we din't we sit together?y u din't talk?wat went wrong?
got a text back don't worry..we l tak later.bout it!.
evening 6 i got a text!
HE: sorry we got to break up!!
it's not your fault,
but ma friends dey want me to choose either you or dem..
i can't leave them yar...
ME:EXCUSEME!! u mean u leaving me?
HE:yes..m sorry bt i can't help it..
2 march was da date wen he broke up..n after dat 1 cmplete year we were just left with a staring realationship!!!
not talking..just looking at each other for hours n hours..yes i knew he did love he left that too jst for his friends...that too was a truth!
yet i had da hope...the wait....he used to text randomly ask whethr i moved on or not..n dats it!
may be he was possessive,ya he was i guess!!may be he could nva imagine me with som1 else!
people round could make out we had something but nothing is love if 2 people r nt dre to complete it.
no talking but just an internal care went on for days..n weeks....n a year then...
this phase was painful coz..there was smtym i felt nothing..
yet ma wait 2 get him back went on!!
**p.s dis phase was yet inside we both did..!!.a phase where we both din't know(ArE WE REALLY APART OR NOT)
*will be back soon with the fourth phase! till then keep visiting! n take good care!


  1. was really very very hurtful....very painful....but one or the other this phase generally comes....... :(
    beautifully expressed

  2. ya it is may b ds isnt da end yet!! thanx alot fr ur comment!!

  3. hey i posted a veryyyyy long comnt on this post of urs...... dun knw hw it disappeared... will do it again as nd wen i get tym...


    1. oho :( hw cud it disappear ! huh! dats annoying now like really ! :/..ummm nyways dats ok! :(

    2. aahh now dis part is hurting Palak (won't say Magical).......i somehow relate this 'phases of Love story' wid ur lyf (guess m nt wrong).....
      dis isn't fare yaar...he juz said "HE:yes..m sorry bt i can't help it..".......'sry nd can't help it'.....i mean hw is it possible to brk some1's heart and juz say "SORRY".. is it dat easy buddy.....
      he shud hv made his frnds understand ur importance in his lyf...also his frnds shud hv understood it as well.....dis is nt accepted yaar.. the REASON he gave u.....
      well m no one to say anything abt ur personal still i wrote watever i felt....m sry (aaahhh see m also using it) if u mind my words........

      u knw wat Palak... "Der r times when u want 2 b wid sme1 bt u cant due 2 so many reasons Der r also times when evrythng around u mves so fast & drags u alng evn dough u wnt 2 stand still doing abslutly nothng thnkng abt ur pain probs nly truth 2 all dis sorow in life is Dat no mattr hw mch pple around u say Dey undrstnd Dey cant Bcoz ur D nly 1 who knws dos felins D pain, loss, emptnes & unfulfild wishs wich fill ur mind......"

      Keep Smiling (dats the best thing u can do)..... Bless You (wid True LOVE).... Tc(coz people around Love you a lot)... :) :)

      Beautifully written....

      @Sandy.............(hope dis tym my comnt doesnt disappears)

    3. hey m back aftr sooo long..was out of station,well thanx a ton fr ur lovely yet senti comment :( u really rite bt somehow now i feel dis distance somehow strenghenes da relationships ! hoh hope to write loads nw fr da blog :) :)

    4. hey it's gud to see u back in action.... dats wat i was wondering why no posts nd coments frm ur side....

      nd yeah we r expecting lots n lots of posts.... really missed ur work...

      Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc...


    5. yup same here nw hope to write loads n loads :) n grab ur wonderful comments :):) thnx fr missing :)

  4. hey palak read all d parts of phases of luv story.... bt u knw wt.... u stil luky at least u knw d 1 u luv loves u bak may b sm factors r nt leting it move smoothely.... bt in my case d guy i fell 4 dsnt evn kn dis... n it is even painful.... waiting 4 him 2 knw ur feelings....

    1. every thing in life has its pros n cons...jst keeping faith can make u live..other wise no1 bothers n feels how we get supressed..don;t worry things will be fine soon! thanku fr ur comment :) keep smiling dearo!

  5. Thank you for your comment. I did post a comment on this post of yours, but don't know where it disappeared :/

    1. ur welcum :) n aww hw cud it disappear hmm do post it again if get tym...feel glad wen such a grt writer itself appreciates me :) :)