Saturday, May 26, 2012


Waiting,wanting n lusting,
For da someone who i dreamt of since childhood,
Waitng for da dream man that used to come in ma dreams wen i was 9,
I wonder inside if he really exists,
I wonder what if he was amiss,
I m no more a 9 year child,
I m mature enough to deal with ol that happens here n by,
I m an adult who is 19 now,
But still i wonder If he really exists,
The tall fair guy on a riding horse,
Well that got restricted since i saw volkswagen n porche :p
Jokes apart i m not materialistic like the others r these days,
I still believe in some corner of this earth he really does stay,
The one whu is worth ma worry n faith,
I still believe the man with a pure heart surely has a way,
I still trust ma pain will cause tears for him more than it caused in my way,
I still somewhere feel he will care for me like an angel,
I still havE faith ma dream man exists!
May be m waiting for somE1 whu will never come,
May be ma dream man is with me already,
May be It's just a sign that god will give soon at a new stage,
Or may it will be Forgotten as JUST A DREAM just like another filmy story!
 *p.s a girl always has a set back in mind wat kinda guy she wants as her dream man but in reality wen she gets attached to somE1 da dreams of dream man she shatters herself n gives loyal n pure effort for her present guy n makes him her everything!
 a girl adjusts,sacrifices ol her dreams wen it comes to tRue love! nva hurt her!
 u owe her alot! Even a try of being her dream man can give her loads of hapiness !
so understand da way she feels,n what she inside expects!


  1. Ah..that price charming who'll come and take us away, eh? Dream on girl :D

    1. eee yeah the prince charming :D thnx fr ur comment dearo :)

  2. clap....clap......clap.....clap...clap....clap.......... (it's juz dat i can't use smileys here to express abt hw i feel abt ur post, dats y i wrote it).......... hats off to u yaar.... u really write very well....

    Keep Smiling....Bless You....Tc


    1. @sandeep :) :) eeeeee thanku so much !! :) :) i can use smileys 2 express how glad i m :)

    2. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :)

      Keep Smiling... Bless you...Tc