Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The late night thoughts

Probably life isn't that complicated  the way we human beings have been perceiving it to be,
probably it isn't that hard to feel content with the life that you have,
I somehow feel you yourself give people the right to starve you up to an extent,
you yourself give them that remote control of your life where somehow you never realize but you are taken for granted,
I somehow realized with the passage of time that there's nothing called he/she started taking me for granted,
Its you who made someone so important that they felt they have the right to control you or probably take you for granted.
You need happiness right? every ordinary human beings does need happiness I believe.
but why to let someone starve you for that happiness?
I feel if you give people the power to feed you,
you also give them the power to starve you and that is where we need to be cautious.
Probably you need to be that self dependent in life always that no one ever can starve you for the share of happiness you deserve.
   *p.s I am writing after a very long time,but late night thoughts that make me wander are something I can't resist writing :) This too is part of the late night thoughts that make feel sleepless
Any ways take care all the readers :) Happy blogging .