Friday, June 27, 2014

The dilemma

Somewhere between I want to talk to you and I want to get over you,
I am still stuck...
Stuck with the fact that may be you will realize,
may be you will fear loosing me too.
May be you will feel the need of this relationship we had,
But at the end of the day I am stuck..
Stuck because I know the doors I have been knocking...
Responses and affection from behind these doors died long ago...
May be the "I want to get over you"  scenario will overpower the "I want to talk to you" scenario soon someday....
      *p.s Not always you can act practically and logically strong...sometimes it's the heart that can overpower almost every right and logical thing.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grow up!!

When will people grow up and start thinking things normally without their narrow minded approach?
A guy speaking abusive words like "what the fuck" is considered as cool while a girl doing the same is termed a cheap and non-ethical female.
A guy roaming in a group late night is considered as stud and a girl doing the same is named as "uncultured'
A guy flirting with plenty of  females at a time is named as "DUDE" while a girl doing the same is termed as "cheap
Why are there so many differences?
Why do people always feel a guy & a girl can never be just friend?
isn't it just okay to accept the fact that two people who aren't dating can be close enough to share everything?
Can't two people who are mere close amazing buddies talk everything from movies to music..from latest trends to freaking shitty gossips...from stupid pranks to may be even Sex?
Its 21st century..people act so cool n pretend to be very broad-minded but are they really that cool?
Are they really accepting the changing world or are these mere pretentious acts?
It feels awful when I see people uttering mere shit about females who are frank or are open & bold enough to discuss anything.
It hurts to see how disgustingly few men can utter obligatory words for females...why?
just because she trusted you?
just because she used the word Sex in front of you?
Just because she shared some stupid funny non-veg jokes with you?
Why is there so much issue about what to talk,when to talk & with whom to talk?
Is it so important to date a guy before uttering the word sex or 
Or is it so necessary to date a guy before having a chat at 3 am in the morning?
If a girl is sharing all the small bits of her life with a guy it necessary that the two of them have a love affair?
I mean why??? why can't we grow up enough to deal with the aspect of a male female friendship with no bf gf factor :/ 
Why can't guys stop taking females wrong ?
If a guy can be cool n broad minded 
can't a girl be the same?
Can't a female talk her heart out to a male by considering him as a good close friend?
If still the narrow approach prevails I believe guys should stop  expecting frank and extrovert females in their lives
Because at the end of the day each female who trusted a guy or may be talked things in a funny childish manner is gonna be a hot topic of gossip among a group of guys!!
It truly hurts and feels shameful to face such scenarios....
I feel shattered within when girls who are bold are termed as "easily achievable", "cheap", "slut" 
Grow up people...think with broad perspectives...
Respect every human being for what they are instead of making cheap perceptions about them and bringing disgrace to the affection,care,trust and most importantly to the thing called bond.
 * p.s - I wrote this post with tears in my eyes and also a lot of anger because I feel highly disappointed with what all people out their can manage to speak about females without even thinking once how bad and shameful it is on their part to break the trust and pass lewd comments about females just  because of small pity reasons like non veg messages,naughty forwards etc.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Till the last breath..

Few scars never heal,
no matter how hard you try.
You move on,get busy,smile,talk...communicate to heaps of people
but then there is always an emptiness inside the heart..
The scars which make you  feel the pain of past...
past that once mattered to the most.
The life which was your dream once when comes to an end..a part of you dies with the shattering of those dreams.
You die within but life keeps on moving unfortunately,
Yes,people come and go but when soul takes a lot of courage to make it alive...
Not always you begin to dream again,
not always your scars heal,
few scars just stay...stay till the time you die...till the last breath......