Monday, April 30, 2012

INsidE mE!!

       It's a silent love that lies inside me for you,
       It's a silent story that lies inside me for you,
       It's a warm feel of expectation that lies inside me for you,
       It's a faith that  lies inside me for you,
       It's a gentle touch that i felt with you once that lies inside me for you,
       It's just you...who lies within me ...inside me.deep inside.!!

Friday, April 27, 2012


                                               PHASES OF LOVE STORY-PART 2
As it's a saying da'' true you" wen u find u find in someone else....
da new journey begins itself!!
SECOND phase of love story ( MADLY IN LOVE)
da old schedule to see you waiting it did went on as always making me feel like an angel !:)
da only difference was for us we were one....indeed forever one..
da magic touch between us was da best thing what could happen in da entire life i guess!
spending da whole day together..lieng to friends just to spend more n more time with me..aaaaaawwww
i loved u for that like R-e-A-L-L-y...not eating a single bite without making me eat a good lunch..
holding hands while class going on...staring at me like no one else really mattered..
waiting for me to reach home n as soon as da cell got on receiving da first text your side
talking long n long as if we nva met since long...
staying n waiting for me while i waited for ma bus...holding ma hand tight below da bags..:p
da feeling was secure...i nva felt scared..may be dats it..dat was ol i was searching for..
ma search for ma mr.right was over..coz i found you....
da assurity was prevaling inside me....dat yes no one can love me like u do!!
dreaming beyond you was over....
no no actualy dreaming beyond US was over for us!!
as life was nva so beautiful as it became with you...
da life wen was dats ol dat mattered..
da new life was on it's speed..may be even more than a jet plane :) da new life where no one except u n me existed..!!
second phase of love story....lovely with you coz of u ....
so second phase of love story....(wen i n u became us)
   *p.s i hope u guys find da second phase adoreable's again magical.isn't it?
will be back with da third phase of this love story soon...untill den take care :) n keep da magic on..!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


                                                   pHaSeS  Of  tHiS LoVe  sTOrY- part 1
love..a small word ..within which lies loads of phases hidden inside,

PHASE 1(DA PERIOD WEN having me in his life was da only thing mattered)>>
entring da class seeing him waiting for me standing beside a seat to make me sit on his seat,
with a huge smile greeting me n making me sit! like a p-e-r-f-e-ct gentleman indeed!
long conversations going on n on through out da day until da teacher used to say..hey you both..
please concentrate..:).. treating me as a inside yes i knew dat he felt inside..umm may be!
times n days passed n passed..probably seeing him wait was da best part of life..
may b i was used to da factor "HIM" inside...
may be he could'nt ve even  expressed if we won't have played da game of truth n dare that christmas day!
ummm probably da best game i eva played! :)
wen a friend asked him do u like her or do love her?
looking at me lil scared but yet so true n finally saying I LOVE HER!
a 1000 watt shock for me indeed lol!
accepting your feelings in front of so many was da bst thing you did DUMB!
well may be dat was da day wen i felt may b even i liked mre than a friend!
long chats n affection..making me eat like a kid..awww!
n finally wen u said dat me""I LOVE U BABY..LOVE YOU VERY MUCH..
 saying with warmth looking in ma eyes wen he saiD "may b having you in ma life is what m waiting for"!
just a smile n then it was yes from my side!
da most truthful phase of a love story is always da initial phase...
nothing can ever compete it....
first phase of this love wen u find in each other ""DA TRUE YOU""
           *p.s dis was da first phase which r olws magical! :)..for da second phase of this love story i l be
             back soon!take care u ol!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

fInAlly sHe gAvE Up!!

 she waited a lot but the things din't work...
she kept testing her patience but finally she gave up,
she stayed quite as much she could..
she din't reveal her sadness even though it was a hell that she was going through,
no one cared about how worse she felt inside,
no one seemed pleased with what she wanted to say through her eyes,
no one had a pinch of time for her...
her parents kept busy....
her friends were a bunch of self obsessed creatures..
the guy she loved left her alone behind..
where would have she gone..what would have she said...
she kept waiting..creating da fake faith inside dat may be one day things will go well
may be one day people will realize how genuine i am..
her wait was a long one...
each night she cried a million of tears...
having thousands of questions in her heart n mind..
was i not a gud human?
was  i not a good daughter?
was  i not a true friend?
wasn't i the best girlfriend?
her answers kept shaterring with each new day..
but finally she decided to give up..
coz she just doesn't has  da power to bear..more
she had it enough..
she tried enough..
she cried enough...n thats it..may she had suffered enough..
may b finishing the life was da only option left..
writing da suicide note note her hands wiping off her tears she finnaly wrote-
        "" hey mom finally da irritating daughter is going away...""
        ""hey dad u r a sweetheart  n i care fr u alot just take care ...don't smoke much it l harm u PAA""
        ""hey bestie i knw u cared n still do but yar no more nw! u take care dost.u r da best..""
 ""hey othr frnz....da gal u did make fun off n may be nvr ever cared going away               well..i l still wsh u ol a good luck""
""hey LOVE..i dont't have da end words for u..i l still say i really love you... just take care n find a nice partner for you...for whom u l truly care....bbye love ..u were da bst thing dat happend to me in this entire life...""
                                                               p.s don't cry for me anyone !!!coz...
                                                            may be for u all i wasn't worth anything!! not even your tears
                                                            !!!but you all were ma everything!!

and da knife slit her wrist..
da blood flowed..
she cried even in her last minute....
but dat was all......may be this end was meant to be!

Monday, April 9, 2012

eVeN ThOuGh YoU ArE NoT HeRe!!!

eVeN ThoUgH YoU ArE NoT HeRe
                                           EvEn tHoUgH mA HeArT AcHeS....
                                           yEt i lOvE YoU....
                                           WiTh thE SAmE GrAcE....
                                           eVeN tHoUgH I vE CrIeD A MillioN TeArS..
                                           yEt i LOvE YoU WiThoUt ANy fEaRs..
                                           EvEn thOuGh YoU DoN't sAy mUcH...
                                           yEt i tRy aNaLySiNg WhAT U FeEl  As sUcH..
                                           eVeN ThOuGh yOu wEnT FaR FrOm Ma sIgHt...
                                            YeT I HavE Da fAiTh tHiNgS WiLl gO AlLrIgHT!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


i never thought i l miss you so damn much...
but this is da truth..

i do....i miss you like crazy...
without any limitations..
without any conditions...
without any boundations...
i miss you with all ma heart..
n accept it that yes living without you is "IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME"
I MISS U MY DUMB BABY..i really do.....!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

TeLL hEr tHaT YoU LoVe hEr!!!


                                            a girl just wants her guy to lover her truly....
                                            accepting her the way she is....
                                            and treat her like a princess throughout da life!
                                            making her realize that u l  love her forever,..
                                            no matter how many other beautiful faces you  find.....
                                            don't wait for da chance to tell her that u love her..
                                            just hold her hand tight...
                                            that she can feel that u r her mr.right!
                                            don't hide your emotions if dey flow even in front her..
                                            if u love her...
                                            trust her....
                                            if she s dre to stand by u in your happiness..
                                           she will completly stand by u in your sorrows too!
                                           jst remove dis word stop..remove da word i don't know..
                                           jst go n tell that u love her....
                                           coz true love .....doesn't care bout situations...
                                           ol it knows is..."YA SHE "S DA ONE"
                                           n i can't let her go!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TiMeS WeN EvEn mA OuTfIt$ MaKe mE ReMeMbEr yOu!!!

TiMeS WeN EvEn mA OuTfIt$ MaKe mE ReMeMbEr yOu
                          TiMeS WeN EvEn mA OuTfIt$ MaKe mE ReMeMbEr yOu,
                                Da oUtFiTs i wOrE On r AlL LoVeAbLe MeEtS,
                               dA CoFfEe DaTeS,dA MoViEs,dA DrIvEs...dA CoNvErSaTiOn mEeTs!
                               Da tImEs wEn i oPeN mA CuPbOaRd tO GeT Ma cLoTHeS,
                               wHeN M LeFt sPeLLBoUnD thEre REmEmBErInG...
                               oH YeA DiS WaS Da oUtFiT He lOvEd dA MoSt!