Thursday, April 12, 2012

fInAlly sHe gAvE Up!!

 she waited a lot but the things din't work...
she kept testing her patience but finally she gave up,
she stayed quite as much she could..
she din't reveal her sadness even though it was a hell that she was going through,
no one cared about how worse she felt inside,
no one seemed pleased with what she wanted to say through her eyes,
no one had a pinch of time for her...
her parents kept busy....
her friends were a bunch of self obsessed creatures..
the guy she loved left her alone behind..
where would have she gone..what would have she said...
she kept waiting..creating da fake faith inside dat may be one day things will go well
may be one day people will realize how genuine i am..
her wait was a long one...
each night she cried a million of tears...
having thousands of questions in her heart n mind..
was i not a gud human?
was  i not a good daughter?
was  i not a true friend?
wasn't i the best girlfriend?
her answers kept shaterring with each new day..
but finally she decided to give up..
coz she just doesn't has  da power to bear..more
she had it enough..
she tried enough..
she cried enough...n thats it..may she had suffered enough..
may b finishing the life was da only option left..
writing da suicide note note her hands wiping off her tears she finnaly wrote-
        "" hey mom finally da irritating daughter is going away...""
        ""hey dad u r a sweetheart  n i care fr u alot just take care ...don't smoke much it l harm u PAA""
        ""hey bestie i knw u cared n still do but yar no more nw! u take care dost.u r da best..""
 ""hey othr frnz....da gal u did make fun off n may be nvr ever cared going away               well..i l still wsh u ol a good luck""
""hey LOVE..i dont't have da end words for u..i l still say i really love you... just take care n find a nice partner for you...for whom u l truly care....bbye love ..u were da bst thing dat happend to me in this entire life...""
                                                               p.s don't cry for me anyone !!!coz...
                                                            may be for u all i wasn't worth anything!! not even your tears
                                                            !!!but you all were ma everything!!

and da knife slit her wrist..
da blood flowed..
she cried even in her last minute....
but dat was all......may be this end was meant to be!


  1. many hurtful things happens to every people around us are not perfect...they are humans......they commit mistakes.....but they make it up the other being with you..... loving you.....caring for you...talking to you...and in so many other ways.....and it fells alright in the end.....
    but if they don't make it up......and start sucks....out of my personal....opinion.....feeling of being neglected hurts you the most.....
    this one quite different from the other article of yours...or at least i think so...the poem is filled with pain...grief..agony.....
    with a beautiful letter in the end.....

    loved it.......

    1. @dhruv ya true..smthng different i wrote in a really differnn dirction...n thanx fr da wndrful wrds dat u ve shared realy nice yar!thanku :)

    2. first of all m waiting for a new post from you.
      and second check this out

    3. hey me 2 waiting 2 get free soon n write fr ma blog again.wd plenty of words :) n thanx alot 2 u yar...congrats :)

  2. aahhh now dats hurtful Palak..... while reading ur post tears came rolling down my eyes yarr...

    yarr "You can't change what has already happened, so don't waste ur time thinking abt it, move on, let go and get over it...."

    i knw hw hard it is.. bt still oneday or the other u hv to accept the fact...juz FACE it.... nd try thinking abt ur Family, Frnds, ur loved ones who care for u even more than the one who didn't.....
    Life is not abt giving up buddy.... I always blv "It's not over, Till I win..." try nd implement my lines... u'll feel light hearted.... or even if u dun... den juz do one thing..... close the doors of ur room... cry, juz cry ur heart aloud, shed every tears dat the one u loved gave u, nd wen u come out of ur room, promise urself u won't cry anymore... be strong...

    Palak.. "The only person who deserves you, is the one who will stick by your side no matter how much you mess up. Someone who will accept your imperfections and still loves you the same"... hope u understand wat i mean...

    "Shine Like a Star, so that he may see u frm wherever he is and feels abt what he has lost in this LIFE...."

    Keep Smiling Buddy... Bless You.. Tc


    1. ooopss m sry dat i made u cry..actually ds post.. while writing gave me tears 2...aaahhh sch a long nice comment m glad dat u take out tym 2 go thru wat i write..n give it loads of appreciation..even mre thn wat i deserve..thanx alot dear..i really feel inspired wd ur wrds..:) thanku so u knw wat da pain is endless..nt from one frm ol sides!!!bt u dnt wry :) tcr keep smiling :)

    2. dats ok Palak...dun be sry.... bt honestly.... every word written melted my heart.....
      i read somewhere "Love means not ever having to say u're sorry.."(Lines frm Love Story by Erich Segal) bt here i can say "Fellow Blogger means not ever having to say u're sorry.."... :)

      ur welcum yarr, it's always my pleasure to be here......
      well nw i can say "To be inspired is gr8 but to inspire is incredible...." thnx 4 ur wonderful replies Palak....
      nd abt "PAIN"... seriously speaking "No-Comments".......

      Keep Smiling....Bless You.. Tc

      nd hey hv u read the above mentioned buk, if not then do read, it's worth reading nd a Life Time "Love Story"


  3. Living with pain and being hurt at times forces a person to give up. but ending life is not an option. We must learn to face our lives and try to change it.
    The poem was sad. Well expressed emotions :)

    1. ya dats true..may be ending life is nt an option..hmm thnx a ton fr ur comment :) keep visiting dear :)

  4. I understand compromise(LIFE)..,,
    I understand sacrifice(LOVE)..,,
    I dont understand this(GIRL)..,,

    1. understanding a gal is nt tough..ol a guy needs is a genuine effort 2 do so!! thanx alot :)