Friday, April 27, 2012


                                               PHASES OF LOVE STORY-PART 2
As it's a saying da'' true you" wen u find u find in someone else....
da new journey begins itself!!
SECOND phase of love story ( MADLY IN LOVE)
da old schedule to see you waiting it did went on as always making me feel like an angel !:)
da only difference was for us we were one....indeed forever one..
da magic touch between us was da best thing what could happen in da entire life i guess!
spending da whole day together..lieng to friends just to spend more n more time with me..aaaaaawwww
i loved u for that like R-e-A-L-L-y...not eating a single bite without making me eat a good lunch..
holding hands while class going on...staring at me like no one else really mattered..
waiting for me to reach home n as soon as da cell got on receiving da first text your side
talking long n long as if we nva met since long...
staying n waiting for me while i waited for ma bus...holding ma hand tight below da bags..:p
da feeling was secure...i nva felt scared..may be dats it..dat was ol i was searching for..
ma search for ma mr.right was over..coz i found you....
da assurity was prevaling inside me....dat yes no one can love me like u do!!
dreaming beyond you was over....
no no actualy dreaming beyond US was over for us!!
as life was nva so beautiful as it became with you...
da life wen was dats ol dat mattered..
da new life was on it's speed..may be even more than a jet plane :) da new life where no one except u n me existed..!!
second phase of love story....lovely with you coz of u ....
so second phase of love story....(wen i n u became us)
   *p.s i hope u guys find da second phase adoreable's again magical.isn't it?
will be back with da third phase of this love story soon...untill den take care :) n keep da magic on..!!


  1. Replies
    1. glad dat u w8ng :) btw hw did u find da second phase? :)

  2. it is.............. indeed it is... magical...... it filled the magic of love in the air...inside me.....
    i said it once before....and m saying it again..... when i read you i start believing in love .....for the time i read you.....i don't feel that love is just a mere four letter word.......i really feel it exist somewhere(here)...
    hats off...... superb....
    and waiting for the next one :)

    1. oh dats a huge cmpliment..i mean if ma posts can make sm1 beleive in love..wt can b mre nice thn ds :) :) n yes it does exist i feel....smwhere...thanx fr ur worthy comments..! :)

  3. yes ofcourse it's magical Palak....
    dis Love story is simply awesome........

    Keep Smiling... Bless You.. Tc
    :) :)


  4. :) :) thanku :) sssssssssoooooooo much !!