Saturday, June 30, 2012

LoSt lOvE

I am here lying in ur arms,
You are here holding me tight,
But y is dis perfect US so incomplete,
WHy is The feeling called love amiss,
I am the same i know da fact,
But wats wrong with you ...have u ever realized..
things between us are not da you feel da same about our life?
You(the old you) i miss you honey,
Your old ways of care n ways to express affection i miss dem honey,
Your hand holding mine in da large crowd..i miss it honey!!
You r here beside me..with me..yet ds feeling called INCOMPLETENESS traps me
I Need the old you back..
I want da old US back..
coz this scenario kills me inside each day..each night...
THis lost LOVE was'nt wat i dreamt about,
THIS LOst us was'nt for wat i made an effort each day!!
You need to be da way u were!!the old you :(

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ToGeThEr fOrEvEr!!

Just the way we are together now,
Tell me we will be together forever,
Just the way you hold ma hand today,
Tell me you will hold it forever,
Just the way you You kiss ma forehead Wen i m terribly low,
Tell me You will do that forever,
Just the way u say you LOVE me,
Tell me it will last forever,
Just the way YOu kiss me on ma lips with intensity of passion never ending,
Tell me this passion will never fade,
Just the way i Trust you today,
Prove ma trust to be a never ending ray,
Just the way we r together today,
Tell me WE will forever stay!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Expectations!!! a Mode of joy n pain BOTH!
People say it's good to give everything without expecting anything in return !
Is that true? is living without da THINg called expectations an easy Cup of tea??
well i don't think so!!
Human nature is meant to expect....n nothing on dis earth i feel can change it!
We might say from outside that yea i like doing everything for HIM/HER just like that...i Don't expect anything in return!
Is that posibble??
From a tiny little thing To a huge love story...From a pet's affection to parents bringing us up in life..
Everything is based on expectations,Parents spend huge on there children,y? yes ofcourse they love us dats y,,but olso smwhere an expectation lies in them that r children will be r support wen v grow old,
A Dog??y is it so faithful n acts as a safeguard at r homes? coz in return he expects a good amount of food,care,love !
A Friend..Y does he/she care??coz in return some or da other time he needs our assistance or help,
A commited Relationship?? wat is it ol about??its bout da fulfillment of unfulfilled expectations with him/her,
Does't a boyfriend/husband expects his girl to care for him wen he comes tired?surprise him with a romantic evening,or expressing to him that she is there for him,
Does'nt a girlfriend/wife expects her man to be loyal for her?to be caring?to be loving n pampering like a perfect prince charming?
Yes she does expects..even he do expect!! we all do expect!!
N life is beautiful coz of dese small expectations..otherwise it won't be worth living,sharing,loving,caring!!
  **P.S Accept it dat u do,Tell him/her that u expect...tell them that they mean to you loads n r really special thats y your expectations rely on them

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby its love just say yes-part 4 blackberry beeped,a msg on bbm!!
AAKASH-I am sorry sameere!!:( i nva .....i nva knew i ws suffering wd hiv!!
have been unwell since last 10 days but din't bother,after ma tests i found out i m HIV positive,
After hearing ma reports da first thing i thought was yOu,i d k what to say!! i LOVE You ..I nva thought ds love of mine will lead us to death..i m coming to you within nxt 2 days!!
tcr...n i m sorry!! i gave u nothing bt ds damn HIV as ma love :( :(
next 2 days i spent in ma dark room in ma bed shedding tears!
y is he sorry??wat is his fault...i wud ve said same being at his place!
bell rang!!aakash!!.....we hugged!! da warmth was da passion in hug was dead!!
he held ma hand!! he looked weak!! his eyes pale..his face cmpletely pale!!
Sameera i Don't have da guts to face u!!
AAkash it is nt ur fault!! its r destiny!! i still love u damn it! just stop saying sorry!!
SAMeera i m on a critcal stage!! i dont have much time!!
we both r dieng!! bt m gna be da first one to leave! m here to spend ma last days wd u!!
AAkash i.....I know sameera...i love u too....dis god!! y he made us meet..come close...fall in love...if such terrible death was r destiny :(
next 40 days we spent together trying talking as much we cud!!spending tym..telling expressing how mch we love...........
he ws in a sacarstic stage!! alot alot mre then me!!
n then may be it ws da tym..
my eyes open...we r in hospital .i wish it was jst a bad dream...but no....its true..he is taking his final i can't let him wat can i do??
questions hitting ma cant let him go alone....
he opened his eyes!! hey bebes....dnt cry....may be r love was bit too short but u knw wat..u r an angel..n loving u is something best i ve done...aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..aakashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....dnt wry ds pain is ending soon....hey y ur eyes closing sameera!!??
coz letting u go alone was not possible!! wat??wat do u mean honey??
i ve eaten a a bottle of sleeping pills..da hospital room is locked..coz dey can't save u!! n I??i don't wana be saved..i cant live wdout u....aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh sameera r u mad....yea i u...jst u forever u...
he kept speaking in pain.....n i  slited a kinfe on ma wrist..((u nva know if pills dnt wrk in case)
tears in our i said!!!!!!! i hugged him tight lying on da bed...we r....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh we r dying together even though we could not live together.....
 i.................aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh i love u sameera.....mmmmmmmmm..oh...i love u too aakash!!
i kissed him on his lips one last time....
  **note kept aside fr ma sweethrt alisha((u r nt here..i m thankful u not..i was helpless wdout aakash wsnt dying with him is wat i chose...i love u ma honeybuns..u r an awsm frnd..sis ,room mate!
n nw...stop yelling..:):) find a hot guy..miss me...sexo..i m sorryplz don't cry..:( !!love ya sis))
*p.s life ended but SAMEERA n AAKASH will live forever....TRUE love is endless!!
Be it alive or be it after death!!!!<<< BE SAFE ,BE AWARE,HIV KILLS>>

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Am ThErE fOr yOu My GiRL!!

Throughout the night i was crying in ma dark room,
What was da reason behind ma tears i myself m not aware of,
It was 11 at night wen i last time say ma watch..It's 9 in da morning since ma tears r shedding!
He entered thE room With roses in his hands,
As soon as he saw tears in ma eyes the roses swiftly slipped down his hands,
WATS WRONG BABY?? he sat down along da wall where i sat,
Ummm hug me HONEY,hug me tight or i l die here itself..first sentence i uttered was this,
He hugged me tight saying baby m there...
I can't see u crying, your tears r ma weakness,
Wiping ma tears..he kept hugging me warm,
Tell me wats wrong,i pRomise to to solve it say something...?
I I......I feel insecure bout You!! I feel someone will take you away from me....
mmm mAY be some other girl...... :'( :'( :'(
oh baby how cud u say dis....yOu..r most important to me..most special indeed!
No other girl in this entire world can take your place in ma heart no matter what happens
I m THERE foh You,till i take ma last breath in ur arms itself!
You complete me..i complete you!!
Thats it..thats wat matters thats wat will matter always!
N da WORD INSECURE?? chuk it out from ur life!!
coz throughout ds lifetime I AM THERE FOR YOU MA GIRL!!
  *p.s Every loyal girl whu loves her guy truly at many times is angry,insecure n emotional bout her guy!!
ol dat she needs at that moment is support n assurity of her beloved,,that yes i l be there!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby its love just say yes-part 3

                                                Baby its love just say yes-part 3
1 month went off with aakash like being an angel once in a life time!
His presnce,his feeling,his hugs,da warmth in his arms,da passions of our kisses(da long ones really :p)
HIs way of talking n making me go mad,
His naughty ways of making me passionate,
Dose long nites we made love aahhh...aakash has gone back toUSA n me remembring him like a crazy frog in a he LOves da CRAZY me :p
he  l be back aftr 3 months now..oh man i miss him so much,
so da daily work to continue,office,home,alisha,aakash's calls on sundays(umm he stays bsy being a CEO)
life carried on wd loveable memories,
extremely ill  i was since last 1 week,i don't know wats wrng,hmm got to get a chck up,may be its coz i olmst tasted food of all reastaurants in ma city wd aakash :p :p
alisha yelling oh hello u got ur matter wat hapens ds gal na :p can't stop yelling!
ya ya got tests done,will get reports tomorrow,i thnk i m gna hav bad stomach infection for sure hehe!
goodd mrng doctor!! so wats da report..i knw i knw...mst be a stomach infection :D bt wat to do..i loVE junk food heheeh :)
sameera!!! sameera's something serious...
i did get da reports checked three result was....wat ??doctor?/say up??wat is it?
YOur HIV test is positive Sameera.......its AIDS!!
blank..but wat?how?
i did not get any blood blood syringes i used......
then how??i mean.....................sameera ....did u get intimate with some1..............
da only name bursting ma mind olmost out!!
sleepless night..can't even tell AAkash ....Don't have dose talking to ny1 thruout da calls,no alisha,,no AAKASh!!
WAt hapend? to dis life..WHY me??WHY US? me n him.....we had planned a gr8 future..does he know..he is HIV positive....sitting in da balcony...i jst had questions...y y y y y??
how will i tell him.....that he IS DYING....WE R DYING :( :( :(
*p.s next part to be continued soon...till then tcr ol...n dnt shed tears....i knw it's hurtful!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

don't be too late

                                                                 don't be too late

don't take too long to realise da depth of da bond you carry wd ur beloved,
coz loosing a loved one is easy bt finding someone loyal is very tough!
letting go is easy,but waiting is tough,
making memories is easy but forgetting is tough!
so don't take too long to tell him/her that u love dem before its too late!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

hapiness :)

I'm just enjoying the moment, and enjoying whatever is there,n what may come . And 

whatever will be,

will be. Most off all, I'm happy

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby it's love just say yes-part 2

Waiting at da airport for AAkash,he would be here any moment,seeing him after 10 long years!
Within fractions of secs its him standing beside me ..oyeee i agree  i ve grown very handsome bt still recognise toh u mst na :p can som1 luk so damn good looking:)  before i could actually say something AAKASH hugged me tight n said I MISSED U BESTIE <3
n my my ma plumpy kid sameera is no more plump :) u look gorgeous bebes!
gave him da flowers while way back to home,he was still a big chatter n me i was actually just seeing him speak as if i had found ma missing part!!
Mom n dad left da world years back,AAkash was a moral support for me inspite being so far!
Having food,introducing him to alisha,going for a dinner out ,a nite long of gossips went on n da day passed :):) :) :)
HE was staying at some hotel as alloted to him by him company,
so there started da day n nite hang outs together,lunchs,dinners,icecreams,fun rides,dats we did as soon as we finished r office work :)
we da bEST BUDDIES were back !
15 days had passed since aakash had come!!
n one day we went for a borne fire nite wd r frnz where AAKASH said he loves was a proposal i guess hehehe :p
come on sameera say yes da sound of ol frnz was something too loud :)
Answering was'nt tough coz finding love in ur bestie is da bst thing one can find!!
so yess !! i said yess things were different now :)
YES!! AAKASH N SAMEERA were now a couple !!
*p.s wd the part 2 signing off promising to return wd da part 3 soon :) cya tcr!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I will BE there for you!!

no matter where ma ways take me i l be there for you,
no matter how harsh times go i l be there for you,
no matter how worse things we got to face in life i l be there for you,
no matter how cruel the times go during this jouney,i l be there for you,
no matter how many times things fall apart between us i l be ryt dere for you,
standing beside you today,tomorrow n forever for you ,just you :)