Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ToGeThEr fOrEvEr!!

Just the way we are together now,
Tell me we will be together forever,
Just the way you hold ma hand today,
Tell me you will hold it forever,
Just the way you You kiss ma forehead Wen i m terribly low,
Tell me You will do that forever,
Just the way u say you LOVE me,
Tell me it will last forever,
Just the way YOu kiss me on ma lips with intensity of passion never ending,
Tell me this passion will never fade,
Just the way i Trust you today,
Prove ma trust to be a never ending ray,
Just the way we r together today,
Tell me WE will forever stay!!


  1. Simply FABULOUS PALAK.... tell me one thing frm where do U write all these, they r simply Amazng every new Post is completely different from the LAST one...
    On Reading I Feel like my whole Life is Going on in front f my eyes Like a FLASHBACK long forgotten...!!
    Thankyou miss :) That's all I can only say..!

    1. well glad that ma posts have da ability to make u remember ur life :) i write watever i feel...wteva ma heart wishes,wteva ma inner instinct feels.i jst pen down it :) n thanku so much fr ur lovely comments :) keep visiting :D

  2. together forever...... spellbound

  3. If only forever's were existent!

    Cute :)

  4. Just the way you write, ur blog becomes visiting worthwhile..
    Just the way you share, u make every reader care,
    Just the way you think, u make my eyes blink,
    Just the way you r writing today, tell me dat u'll keep doing it like forever......

    sry...sry....copyd ur lines.. bt cudnt find better words to comnt on it....simply awesome yaarrrrrr... :) :) :) :)

    Keep Smiling... Bless You.. Tc


    1. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww :) :) :) you know wat u made ma day :) :) woooww thanx thanx thanx :) tcr olws :)