Saturday, June 30, 2012

LoSt lOvE

I am here lying in ur arms,
You are here holding me tight,
But y is dis perfect US so incomplete,
WHy is The feeling called love amiss,
I am the same i know da fact,
But wats wrong with you ...have u ever realized..
things between us are not da you feel da same about our life?
You(the old you) i miss you honey,
Your old ways of care n ways to express affection i miss dem honey,
Your hand holding mine in da large crowd..i miss it honey!!
You r here beside me..with me..yet ds feeling called INCOMPLETENESS traps me
I Need the old you back..
I want da old US back..
coz this scenario kills me inside each day..each night...
THis lost LOVE was'nt wat i dreamt about,
THIS LOst us was'nt for wat i made an effort each day!!
You need to be da way u were!!the old you :(


  1. Sometimes things change in a relationship, or maybe the charm is eventually lost. And we then start feeling that the relation is taking us to nowhere. But if tried, the beauty can be brought back :)

    1. yup i agree with u philo <3 :)....effort is something dat matters the most :) thanx alot fr ur comment !!

  2. Oii that was beautifully penned.. Great job :)

    P.s. thank you for dropping by my blog! :)

    1. thanku so vie much fr visiting ma blog :) glad !!

  3. well...this is what happens in relationship over the period of time when we start feeling that things are not like it used to be earlier....and here our efforts are needed to maintain the warmth of relation same way....

    beautifully penned....:)

    1. so true! n indeed efforts do matter alot:) thanx alot fr ur comment n for visting my blog! :) keep visiting!

  4. well written always feels different after reading ur posts....u hv got the art..keep it up dat people lyk me r tend to visit ur blog...

    amazing work...loved it....

    nd yeah i think.... it's been a long tym since i last visited ur blog.... Life suddenly has become very bsy....

    will try to posts more comnts on ur other posts...

    Keep Smilling....Bless You...Tc


    1. amazingly happy to see u back ...u knw ma posts r actually missing wdout ur comments :) ur appreciation makes ma blog worth :D....hope to c u soon back! n yea stay happy no matter wat hapens :)tcr

    2. well i wud take dat as a compliment Palak..... thnx for missing my comnts... :D

      :) :) :) :)

      no matter werever m i.. will always try nd comnt on ur blog...coz reading ur posts inspires me to write even more.....keep writing... :)

      Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc


  5. This is superb! simply superb. I read two posts so far and Im ur fan already.. Keep up the gud work..

    You know the art of expressing through pen.. :) :)

    1. :) :) ohhh my fan? huge compliment for me!! thanx a a heap for this :) keep visiting dear :)

  6. no wonders if i keep babbling the same words in this box again and again.. the dictionary i had, to praise someone has been completely used already....... what do i say now i wonder..
    you know when i first read your blog.. it was just another blog for me.. i use to read many at that point of time...slowly things changed.. i started a literary org called the adroits and got indulge there... today i don't read any blog ......and whenever once in a while i read a blog i simply come to castle of words....
    i would be lying certainly if i say you are the best i have ever encountered .... m not saying you are... but this is not the reason i admire you.. i do bcz your words seem to come from heart.. i don't think m going to forget your writing ever... :)
    ..m really really a fan of your writing on my personal level.....
    i really miss reading your posts over and over again......keep writing.. may you improve by every single word you write.... and be the best...
    sry for such a long cmnt..words kept pouring out and... i should stop otherwise i will keep going on and on....

    1. oh my my my..i can't believe som1 loves ma writings too much!! n plz dnt be sorry at all.u cant imagine how happy i m reading dis,m 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 glad n overwhelmed reading this,i really hope to keep impressing ppl like you further thruout :) keep visiting dhruv!!