Monday, June 25, 2012


Expectations!!! a Mode of joy n pain BOTH!
People say it's good to give everything without expecting anything in return !
Is that true? is living without da THINg called expectations an easy Cup of tea??
well i don't think so!!
Human nature is meant to expect....n nothing on dis earth i feel can change it!
We might say from outside that yea i like doing everything for HIM/HER just like that...i Don't expect anything in return!
Is that posibble??
From a tiny little thing To a huge love story...From a pet's affection to parents bringing us up in life..
Everything is based on expectations,Parents spend huge on there children,y? yes ofcourse they love us dats y,,but olso smwhere an expectation lies in them that r children will be r support wen v grow old,
A Dog??y is it so faithful n acts as a safeguard at r homes? coz in return he expects a good amount of food,care,love !
A Friend..Y does he/she care??coz in return some or da other time he needs our assistance or help,
A commited Relationship?? wat is it ol about??its bout da fulfillment of unfulfilled expectations with him/her,
Does't a boyfriend/husband expects his girl to care for him wen he comes tired?surprise him with a romantic evening,or expressing to him that she is there for him,
Does'nt a girlfriend/wife expects her man to be loyal for her?to be caring?to be loving n pampering like a perfect prince charming?
Yes she does expects..even he do expect!! we all do expect!!
N life is beautiful coz of dese small expectations..otherwise it won't be worth living,sharing,loving,caring!!
  **P.S Accept it dat u do,Tell him/her that u expect...tell them that they mean to you loads n r really special thats y your expectations rely on them


  1. YES I DO EXPECT from everyone...
    Gud post miss..:)

  2. they(expectations) are an integral part of human. they are natural as breathing but i believe we should not feed them. we must not embrace them. for the simple reason, in the end more often than not they are going to hurt you. the more strongly you expect someone to make you smile,more are thee chances you are going to shed tears.
    so basically expect less, have more :)
    nice article by the way...lovely

    1. i wish killing da expectations inside oneself was so easy!!
      i tried bt its tough..u r ryt at da end expectations its a fact cz of expectations da relationships exist n go on!! thanx a lot fr ur comment :)

  3. Ummmm... long time back, I started my blog with a discussion this topic!

    And since then I have maintained what I said then - There is difference between Hope and Expectations - Hope is good - Expectation is not !

    1. well first of all thanx alot for visiting ma blog n ur lovely comment!! umm may be you are right about the difference thing,but after going n experiencing loads i still feel,inside a corner of r heart olws does expects,specially from sm1 we love the most!! but i genuinely olso appreciate ur point of view :) it's logical :)

  4. Expectations... i dun lyk dis word at all frm the english dictionary.... coz its the worst thing in one's life... the more u expect the less u get frm the one....

    nd yeah "INDEED WE EXPECT FROM THOSE WE LOVE THE MOST!!"... well said Palak.... bt dis is irony of life dat... the u Love the Most... seldom gives u watever we expect frm him/her.....

    Beautifully penned.... :) :) :) :)

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc


    1. yup vei true,expectations hurt alot!! n they need to be understood by the ones we love :) thanx alot :)