Friday, June 15, 2012

I Am ThErE fOr yOu My GiRL!!

Throughout the night i was crying in ma dark room,
What was da reason behind ma tears i myself m not aware of,
It was 11 at night wen i last time say ma watch..It's 9 in da morning since ma tears r shedding!
He entered thE room With roses in his hands,
As soon as he saw tears in ma eyes the roses swiftly slipped down his hands,
WATS WRONG BABY?? he sat down along da wall where i sat,
Ummm hug me HONEY,hug me tight or i l die here itself..first sentence i uttered was this,
He hugged me tight saying baby m there...
I can't see u crying, your tears r ma weakness,
Wiping ma tears..he kept hugging me warm,
Tell me wats wrong,i pRomise to to solve it say something...?
I I......I feel insecure bout You!! I feel someone will take you away from me....
mmm mAY be some other girl...... :'( :'( :'(
oh baby how cud u say dis....yOu..r most important to me..most special indeed!
No other girl in this entire world can take your place in ma heart no matter what happens
I m THERE foh You,till i take ma last breath in ur arms itself!
You complete me..i complete you!!
Thats it..thats wat matters thats wat will matter always!
N da WORD INSECURE?? chuk it out from ur life!!
coz throughout ds lifetime I AM THERE FOR YOU MA GIRL!!
  *p.s Every loyal girl whu loves her guy truly at many times is angry,insecure n emotional bout her guy!!
ol dat she needs at that moment is support n assurity of her beloved,,that yes i l be there!!


  1. neither m a girl nor into love stuff. and i don't even understand any relation properly.. but i know few things for sure.. there is always a insecurity for the one you love doesn't matter who he/she is.. from parents to friends to lover and all other possible relations.... and i think it just adds to the beauty of the the very same manner in which few tears sometimes... make the smile precious .... and secondly i completely agree with you at that point of time you just need is a yes ... a tight hug :):)
    another wonderful and expressive creation... loved it :)

    1. thanx alot dhruv :) its tyms ds insecurity jst cant be denied...n dat warm nice hug is jst the thng dat makes up :) thnku fr da wndrful comment :) tcr .keep visiting!