Thursday, December 22, 2011

WhAt wAs hEr fAuLt

Her love for you was unconditional,
happiness for her was your happiness,
she made it all to keep you happy,
loving you unconditionally ..was that her fault?
she kept those efforts going on and on,
just in the hope that you are the one she can rely upon,
she kept getting hurt with all your ignorance, putting in that effort ..was that her fault?
she can't deny her love for you,
inspite the harm through which her  heart goes through,
''you'' matter to him like 'GOD',
worshipping you like god ..was that her fault?
she dreams of  you every single night,
she widens her thoughts keeping just you in mind,
she feels secure with you being her ''future thought'',
making you her dream future 'man' ..was dat her fault?
she talks  to you wen she feels alone,
she shares with you because you the one with whom she wants her life to go on,
she cares for you like a baby for his mom,
pampering you with warm care ..was that her fault?
creating things to make u feel special,
saying things dat seem magical,
making your life beautiful with her love magic wand,
creating that magic of love...was that her fault??
she yet is waiting on the lonely narrow way,
in the hope u l love her the way she wants...
go n hold her  to tell her if u really love her now..
and  say was it really her fault??

Monday, December 19, 2011


she was alone waiting along the wide paths,
all she could  imagine of  was his warm grasp,
she was silent enough to be noticed that moment,
she knew how critical things went at that very moment,
she kept waiting for him with no conditions laid,
she knew that he was the one for whom her soul was made,
his ignorance did hurt at times,
but her feelings could not fade,
people inspired to move on,
 but all she could think was getting back her 'dumb moron',
'destiny' tested her enough throughout the way,
but not giving up was her only will  that stayed,
she made him realize the power of her love,
he came back and held her with the warm tender love,
this was the affection that made even the silence between them long,
the long silence could lead this love tale was the strongest part of all,
true love remains forever no matter  what disasters follow and crawl,
God creates such ''love birds'' and  keeps them tied  inspite the falls!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

yes i do know

I know I'm not deserving ,
but I have never demanded anyways...
I accepted life always serving ,
for smiles of my loved ones always...
I know I could never excel,
Also the major mistakes i commit...
The expectations that i dwell,
in my life they just don't have a permit...
I know even my words are valueless,
false assumptions they are for the world...
Similarly , my hopes turn meaningless,
but that is 'me' in my each word...
The 'me' that none bothers  ,
it is worthtless what I aspire...
I know still smiling at others ,
One day so many 'others'  i will inspire...
I know only 'hope' I have ,
someday my dreams will accomplish...
But that too with the only strenght I have ,
independently my incomplete plans I will finish...