Saturday, December 28, 2013

Voting using social apps!! well it's true

Indian general elections are about to approach soon,
India!!! country where Democracy prevails,
Democracy:-  Government of the people,by the people,for the people.
How important it is to vote?
How important it is to be the part of a nation which is a democracy?
India!! The country known for its  youth power and the "New generation"
The youth which defines the "X" factor.
How important is it for the youth to vote?
How much significance this youth holds in the growth of our nation
According to the recent reports over 65% of population is below 35 years of age.
India's present state is no more hidden from  young people today,
Youth has the last mile connectivity now-a tangible chance to make a change alive.
The more the young people vote,the more our concerns-modern,secular,progressive-will shape India's agenda.The youth is hence the best way out to break the vicious circle,sign up and vote.
There are hassles involved,but youth needs to rise and show their enthusiasm towards their nation's growth.
It's the time to use your energy #the troubles are small# the advantages are great#
Youth known for their social networking addictions with the changing times can make the most of it from these social networking applications itself.
We chat,whatsapp,line,viber,bbm,twitter,skype
just name it and the young people have all these applications in their phones.
How about voting  through social apps?
fun?easy?dream come true?
You are the change!!! Bring the change,utilize the change,work for the further change!!
Voting was never so easy,the way it has been made for the upcoming generations.
Casting a vote through a social networking app,
flexible,easy to access,less of hassles,more of comfort,more of participation,
Hence SUCCESS!!!!!
It's time to grow!!!grow as a nation,grow as a democracy,grow as humans,
and make INDIA,the upcoming developed economy with the best of government and constituency.
You want growth,governance,graciousness?
Go vote dude!!! Be proud to be the youth!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

The New friend....or may be more than that..

I had left hopes of being happy long ago....
trust me...really long ago...
Call it the miserable phases of life that I faced...or the adverse traumas of depression..
Whatever it was the peak of disappointment life made me  face..
Life has it's own treasures ....well I feel so now..
Reason?? My new friend...friend who is miles away from me...
Friend who for now I cannot see..
But yet his presence is so warm,
He isn't here...nor is he near..
But his words are enough to make me feel the warmth of his friendship...his unconditional care,
being with him feels pure...
being with him feels secure..
I feel the urge to smile endlessly with his presence..
What has happened to me?
Am i falling too fast?or may be it's the time to just flow with this time?
Questions are many...but answer?
Well answer is just one...
YOU :)
Your presence has made me love myself...having you in life has made me realize that how beautiful I am..
This bond that you and me share....Its more than friendship...yet less than love...
I don't have perfect words to describe this bond that you n me share...
But its giving me heaps of happiness ....happiness that I always felt i was deprived of....
In the end I just know..You Make Me Feel Me :)
 *p.s I have been away from ma blog since very long due to my endless study and college stuff :( sorry to all the readers and followers.
This post was dedicated to ma lovable new friend :) AMAN :) love you heaps dumbo :*

Friday, October 25, 2013

The illogical me...

My heart always knew....
Knew the fact that you are gonna let me go..
But the foolish me kept hoping....
Hoping for you to change..
Change in a way that I always desired for..
It seems so illogical when I think how madly I chose the path for myself..
Path that I knew had no destination...
Destination that I thought would be my dreamland...
You have easily left..
Left the world I created for us...
It's my immaturity that has brought me to this phase..
I can't blame you..
Nor can I blame this destiny..
Whom am I to blame this for??
Ma dumbness?my senseless love?
My over expecting attitude?or is it me??
YES...the sole and the only  reason is me..

Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's a world full of fake people..
You never know who is true enough to deal with all your positives and negatives..
It's a huge "Fake" world out there..
Full of pretentious people indeed!
It's you who got to stay strong and face life along with these creatures..
Someone rightly said "Few people just act like they are trying to help you"
   *p.s sometimes it really hurts how people for whom you did so much change in fractions of seconds and yet pretend they care >_<

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The never ending love..

I have been badly dependent on you,
I know how it feels now,
How it kills when I realize how ruthless you have been to me,
How the thought of how you've been treating me makes me shivers,
It feels I am no one for you,
May be I never was,
Why were we together I don't get this though,
You have gone,
Gone far enough to make me even feel your essence in my life,
It hurts to see you doing well enough without me,
What hurts more is why do I still feel so deprived?
Am i addicted ?or is this mere attachment?
It's endless form of love..which seems to be going on and on without considering the fact how much pain it is bringing along..
What kinda love is this?
A love that is never gonna end?
Or the love where you decide to be the sacrificial lamb throughout the life time..
 *p.s i am writing after a very long time and all i could do was just pour ma heart out in a single post as much as i to all the regular readers n followers :) 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Chat~the New Way To connect~anyone,anywhere~

Hey I need to talk,
Hey I need to say something special,
Freak You n me are just so far,
Oh god this distance makes talking just so hard!
Well an end to all the compromises on the chubby chit chats with all your special someones :)
WE CHAT the latest new app to keep you close with your near ones!
Voice messages,Group chats it's no more a dream,
Keep talking,keep saying the endless i miss you's without any limit no matter how far you are from him :)
Five people that I would connect to in a group chat.The people I've always wanted to meet..the people I will always admire :)
1)My Dream man: Ranbir Kapoor :) <3
 I love you the most in this entire world (after Rishi uncle and Neetu aunty ofcourse) :) 
You are the man of my dreams and always will be :)
There isn't a single day when I don't drool at your pictures and say oh man you are so freaking hot :P
I love you and that's what makes you the most special :)
Let's go on a date because i wanna tell you that even cupid knows that ma love for you will never fade :)
2)My favourite writer: Chetan Bhagat :)
I am too small to be judgmental about you but you write your soul out when it comes to your novels :)
3 mistakes of my life,Revolution 2020..two of the best novels I have ever read :)
I admire you n love you for the magic that you create with words in your extremely lovable novels :)
Respect for you comes from within :)
3)Parineeti Chopra: Well the cute adorable advertisements that you've done to promote "We Chat".Girl you are the actual reason I got crazy and inclined to get "We Chat" so soon :)
Specially the "acha toh hum chalte hai" one  :)
You are perfect in your job and that is what made you meet success at it's best!
If I could describe you it would be "an epitome of cuteness" :)love ya!
4) My favourite director: Late Mr.Yash Chopra 
If I know what is LOVE it's just because you showed it's true magic in your movies sir :)
Chandni,Dil toh pagal hai,DDLJ,Veer-Zaara,Jab tak hai jaan
Names are enough to make me leave all ma work and just get stick to my tv screen :)
If people call me romantic :) well you are the man who created that essence called romance within me through the magical love stories :)
I miss you....and  you truly are the "man of Romance"
5)My favourite Designer: Manish Malhotra :)
You are the king of fashion industry for me :)
From a simple suit to a glamorous backless gown :)
From a plain red saree to a heavy bridal attire..
It's perfection,grace,elegance and style :)
Style addict :) You made me that :)
Your super classy stylish designer wear is what inspires me to dress well for every occasion:)
You rock sir :) <3

For more info about the amazing app called "We Chat" click here :)
* p.s this is my entry for the "We Chat with anyone,anywhere" contest being held by Indiblogger.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Infertility~How does Modern healthcare touch lives~

life continues with the beautiful bonds of life that humans get into,
Me,you,we all are kids for our parents and always will be!
Everyone in this world aspires to get married and have their own babies,have their children for whom they wanna live
(Infertility) the most sad n tragic ailment being suffered by most of  the  WE generation people..
22-65% of people have been suffering from ailment called "Infertility"
More than an ailment,infertility is a trauma which effects a human more than everything!
"You can't have a baby"
The sentence that can make a heart,a couple,an entire family shattered,But gone are the days when treatments were impossible,everything has a solution "apollo hospitals prove that everyday"
Meaning(Infertility is a condition where the couple is unable to conceive after 12 months of regular sexual relationship without birth control)
Apollo hospitals have set up an extremely high-tech system through which an intense investigation is done so as to make an analysis about the exact cause of infertility .
Investigations for males include blood,urine and semen analysis.
Investigations for females include HSG (Hysterosalpingogram), Trans-vaginal Ultra Sonogram, Laproscopic Hysteroscopy ,Laparoscopy
All these investigations are individualized as per the doctor's decision.The doctor reviews the results of the investigations and depending upon the cause of infertility, treatments are initiated.
The best treatments have been evolved by the apollo hospitals that have shown tremendous results:
*IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination):
*IVF (Invitro Fertilization)
*ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
*TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)
*Embryo Freezing Excess
*Assisted Hatching:
*Semen/Sperm freezing

The terms may sound over the top for a lay man but these treatments have given to love,life to the experience called family..and most of all life to Parenthood.
Apollo Hospitals have consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare by bringing to the people, the latest innovations in key medical specialities and super-specialities on par with the West.
For more information and to kick out the problem called infertility from your lives visit :
*p.s this was my entry for How does modern health care touch lives organised by Indiblogger.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Radiant tresses for ma ravishing dates:LOVE TRESemme

Love Tresemme :)
No matter what I wear..
No matter what kinda weather it is,
He's gonna love the way i look..
Well the magic of tresemme it is :)
Ma glossy open tresses flowing straight with a sparking shine,
Or ma hair tied in a french braid making him admire ma innocence which ma braid highlights,
Ma naughty sexy look which he discovers when I make 2 plaits,
The elegance of my soft curls which inculcates the magic of love in him,
My lovely hair locks which he never forgets to play with,
My flowing tied or untied tresses no matter how messed up or managed it is,
He's gonna love it's radiance...
Well an Addiction of radiance it is :)
Tons n heaps of compliments do surround.
N people bound to ask me always,
"I wonder how you look so ramp ready all day round " :)

*click here and make here your hair ultra radiant for perfect dates just like me 
 *p.s this post is for tresemme ramp ready hair contest by Indiblogger.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am walking towards nowhere

I don't know where I am going.
I don't know from where this journey did start,
I don't know why I am in pain,
I don't know why this trauma did start,
I kept shattering each day more n more,
I kept asking myself how far do i still need to go,
I have no answers lying within,
I have so much of pain lying within.
I lost love,love that i considered to be a major part,
I am walking towards nowhere......a path leading to nowhere....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's tough for me...

Hardest point of life is hugging the person you love,
 Supporting him and acting as a shoulder to cry...
 When you yourself are shattered and disheartened to the core of your heart because of him
  But you just can't say!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beautiful Ends to my Beautiful Braids!

My long and wavy hair tied in a neat braid,
A braid with shiny n lustrous hair,simply a split end free braid.
When people used to turn back n look at me twice,
Asking me how do you manage to have a such a split end free braid?
Smiling at them feeling proud to have such a braid,
Thankyou mom for giving that pamper to my hair that helped me get this beautiful braid :)
It has been three years since the school life did end,
College life began with awesome new trends,
But one thing is yet the same,
Ma long wavy hair tied up in long split end free braid,
New charming n conditioned hair look is ma hair look of everyday :)
Yet people turn astound looking at me,wondering of how perfect is her braid,
Thanx to new dove split end rescue system :)
You helped the magic of less split ends to forever stay :)
"When your hair splits up at the ends,the first thought that comes your mind is to get a haircut,but not anymore !Dove has the perfect solution to keep your hair beautiful till the ends".
This is my entry for the dove therapy contest "beautiful ends to your beautiful braids" organised by indiblogger!
Link : 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where is the way?

I am Lost inside the traps of all,
I don't know what was love..n how was being apart..
I m alone in this whole new world..
This is what i know..This is what i know!
Ma eyes have pain,
A pain of crying too much..
Ma heart has pain ..
Pain of getting hurt so much..
Ma life is devastating..
Life that has gone through so much..
Because i dared to love a man...
More than he deserved as such.
 *p.s sorry to everyone whu follows ma blog n reads it quite often.have been staying too busy because of ma exam preparations, its a tough bsy tym till 28 april...will get back to u every1 soon :) miss you all :) love Palak :) hope u ol gna frgve me ssoorryyy :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

With you it's different...

You entered ma life like a shining star,
You made it shine with sparkling charm,
I never ever thought i'll meet someone like you,
Today i m glad i somehow found you!
Life is so different since you've entered ma life,
Your essence of warmth is what completes ma life!
Your love,your care,your touch that's so gentle,
Your affection,your eyes,your depth of love that's lying inside,
"YOU" make me feel what i am,what i m truly inside!
With you it's different !
 *p.s this post is dedicated to a wonderful person of ma life who entered ma life just few months back and made it worth! dedicated to mr.namit :) :) XOXO thanx fr being dre,i'll miss yoooouuu lloooaaaaaaadddsss :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

His Over-Sized Jacket :)

No matter how much comfortable ma life becomes,
It would always your over-sized jacket that will make me comfortable like a princess,
No matter how many coverings i wear to save maslf from the harsh winds,
Still nothing can beat the warmth of your over-sized cozy jacket :)
  *p.s a guy's jacket for a gal is most special n it always will be :) <3
   Essence of care n warmth of love in his jacket is what makes it special :) :)