Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where is the way?

I am Lost inside the traps of all,
I don't know what was love..n how was being apart..
I m alone in this whole new world..
This is what i know..This is what i know!
Ma eyes have pain,
A pain of crying too much..
Ma heart has pain ..
Pain of getting hurt so much..
Ma life is devastating..
Life that has gone through so much..
Because i dared to love a man...
More than he deserved as such.
 *p.s sorry to everyone whu follows ma blog n reads it quite often.have been staying too busy because of ma exam preparations, its a tough bsy tym till 28 april...will get back to u every1 soon :) miss you all :) love Palak :) hope u ol gna frgve me ssoorryyy :)


  1. You have revealed very complex feelings in a very simple and sweet way.. nice read... :) keep writing.. tc

  2. thanx alott maverick V :) glad u liked it :) keep visiting :) tcr..

  3. Beautifullllllllll, Awesomeeeeeeeeee, Outstandinggggggg .... yaar times i feel short of words to praise ur post.... nd i guess dis isnt fare ki u ryt so damm gud ki mujhe sochna padta hai ki yaar is baar kaise taarif karu.... :) :) :) :)

    aur haan..... baaki ka to pata nahi... bt seriously missed ur presence on blog.... i was lyk daily checking ur blog to see some update.... bt later i got bsy....

    btw hw wer ur exams... nd all the best for remaining papers...

    nd i hv also got 1 gud news.. i got selected for "Bank Of America" as "Senior Test Analyst" for Gurgaon location, wud be joining it on 25th March,2013... sry i shared it over ur blog.. bt aur koi way hi nahi hai 2mko batane ka... hope u didnt mind... :) :)

    nd plzzzz active raha karo blog pe... :) :)

    Keep Smiling.. God Bless You.. Tc..


    1. heyaaa ... aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is da 1st wrd dat cms to ma mind wenva i read ur comments :) u inspire me like heapsss :) :) n oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee coonnggrrrrrrrraaaaaaaattttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yyaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr..dat a gr8 news:) bank of america han OMG :D dats a big 1..goodd luck yar...have a gr8 futre..will try reamining active on blog frm may :) fr sure :) ggodd bless ya misss yaaaa buddy :) tcr

    2. thanks a lotttttt Palak .....
      c ya after May nd wish u all the veryyyy Best for ur exams..

      Keep Smiling... God Bless You.. Tc

  4. thanx a ton :) needd it bhhuutt zda hehe :) tcr misss ya..