Sunday, July 29, 2012

"It's Hurting like hell "

Each text He sent me had piercing words lieng in them,
Each word he uttered for me seemed ruthless,
Each time i read those texts again i regret how could I make him so special!
Each time I thought he loves me,He proved me wrong.
Each time I tried more,He proved my tries don't make any difference,
"Give me A break" that's what he says to me! Wow!
What did I lack? Where did i go wrong?
Tears flowing n flowing..I wish i could count them..
I wish he could realize the unbearable pain his MOOD SWINGS cause for me!
Ma heart aches....It's paining...It's paining like hell !
I cannot say anything neither i can bear anymore...
I want him..That's all i know !
But will that time ever come?
Will that realization ever take a birth inside him?
Am i anything for him?
Was i ever anything for him?
..............................................words can't describe how i feel right now exactly!! But if one sentence could define it.... I'll Just say "It's Hurting like hell "

Friday, July 20, 2012


Where have you gone leaving me alone,
Where did you get lost in this thunderstorm,
It's all ma fault i made you so much cry,
Why dint't you stop me and asked me why?
How could i make you suffer so much,
You din't utter a word n kept bearing so much,
I shouted,i screamed you did not utter,
I called you a slut you din't utter why?
I am the culprit, i m the criminal,
I made you die inside each day,each night,each moment,
You kept waiting,you kept calling,you kept texting,
I was ignorant,I was cruel,
I was ruthless to the most beautiful girl of this world,
God would have killed me for what i did to you,
But here you are in ma arms,damn like hell you bleed,
Your breaths are no longer alive,
Your crystal heart is no more beating..
I lost you.. I lost you forever...
This guilt will kill me each day,
I could not value you,
I could not value US!!
I am the culprit..I am the criminal,
I lost you Baby...I lost You forever :( :( :(

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Different stages the rain took me to!!

Monsoon was the season we actaully met,
Monsoon was the time when our souls met,
Mosnoon was the time you said you love me,
Monsoon was the time you touched me first time,
Mosoon was the time when your lips met mine,
Mosoon was the season that made our love grow,
Monsoon today is the time when you want me to just let go,
Monsoon today is the time you want me to forget,
Monsoon today is the time when i actually feel helpless,
Monsoon today is the something making me cry like worse,
Your words I will never forget,
The diffrence between the two stages this monsoon has taken me to,
I will never forget this too!
The first stage it took me to was when "You said i love you baby,you complete me,when you kissed me passionately,hugging me so tight"
The stage towards which it took me today is when"tears are flowing with the droplets of rain,"It's no more a relationship girl,We are no more one,I got to leave,I don't have a reason,But no i can't take the burden of this relationship anymore,You got to let me go,Stay happy....forever!!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't wana loose you!

Baby I am not a guy who can express everytime that i feel for you,
I am not a guy who can think of creative ideas to tell you how much i do,
But If one sentence could define that how i feel,
I can just say Baby I don't wana loose you ever!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Will you ever see my tears

No,may be i am no one for you,
May be that is why you cannot realize how much it's hurting,
Ma sadness seems to have no impact on your busy life,
Ma countless tears make no difference in your happening lifestyle,
The Smiles i have been faking each day to make you stay well have stayed unnoticed,
The Expectations i have been telling you whole time never made any difference,
Was i never anything for you boy?
Did i never made a difference in your life,
Was i just a mere option for you?
Was i never ever a priority for you?
You held me tight saying you 'll never let me down,
But today things are just fading away,
You promised we'll maintain the bond,
But promises seem to fade away,
Ma nights are sleepless,
Ma pillow remains wet,
Ma eyes remain swelled,
Ma hearst cries aloud as it made u stay inside,
Ohhhh,it's hurting,its hurting like hell,
But all i wonder,will you ever see my tears !!!