Friday, July 20, 2012


Where have you gone leaving me alone,
Where did you get lost in this thunderstorm,
It's all ma fault i made you so much cry,
Why dint't you stop me and asked me why?
How could i make you suffer so much,
You din't utter a word n kept bearing so much,
I shouted,i screamed you did not utter,
I called you a slut you din't utter why?
I am the culprit, i m the criminal,
I made you die inside each day,each night,each moment,
You kept waiting,you kept calling,you kept texting,
I was ignorant,I was cruel,
I was ruthless to the most beautiful girl of this world,
God would have killed me for what i did to you,
But here you are in ma arms,damn like hell you bleed,
Your breaths are no longer alive,
Your crystal heart is no more beating..
I lost you.. I lost you forever...
This guilt will kill me each day,
I could not value you,
I could not value US!!
I am the culprit..I am the criminal,
I lost you Baby...I lost You forever :( :( :(


  1. Sometimes we take people for granted, and we only realise their value later on. Beautiful emotions of losing someone.

  2. Replies
    1. yepp.very true,and taken for granted feeling is da worst of all..even i found da picture too deep n full of emotions,thanx alot for ur comment! :)