Saturday, March 31, 2012


''DoN'T LeMe dOwN''
"i nEeD YoU AlOT''
"dOn't lEmE dOwN"
"wE CaN'T Be aPaRt"
"DoN't lEmE DoWn"
"I TrUsT YOU AlOt"
"DoN'T LeMe dOwN"
"ThIs pAiN KiLlS Me aLoT"
"oH MaN I CaN't sToP DeSe TeArS aNyMoRe nOw"...
"I CAn jUsT PLeAd tO yOu"
''DoN't lEmE DoWn loVe"
"dOn'T LeMe dOwN"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hold ma hand n lead me away

                                        hold ma hand n lead me away,
                                        look into ma eyes n tell me whatever u wana say,
                                        keep ma head on your shoulder n make me feel your heartbeats,
                                        hug me tight n close to make me feel you love me,
                                        tell me dat u r sorry n will never leme go,
                                        tell me that you love matter how situation goes,
                                        tell me u l  hold on no matter how much we fight,
                                        tell me that now your angel will never be deprived of her love life,
                                        tell me you l stand by me forever n ever n ever,
                                        tell me we'l be together now,no matter how adverse are the times!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A GiRl's LoVe!

A GiRl nO MaTtEr hOw mAnY TiMe sHe dENiEs it,
ShE WiLl aLwAyS ReMeMBeR eVeRy dEtAiL,eVeRy MoMeNt,EvErY PIEcE Of mEmOrIeS YoU'Ve lEfT wItH HeR,nO mAtTeR HoW MuCh sHe tRiES To fOrGeT,iT WilL OlWAyS Be ThErE!

Friday, March 23, 2012


                                                  You cannot deny you don't feel for me,
                                                   i cannot deny i don't care for you,
                                                   but there is something dats missing in us,
                                                   we both inside have a realization that we r best for each other,
                                                   then what is it? dats missing in us..
                                                   the long time i ve given to you is da time i want you should take
                                                   to realize the importance of dis realtionship,
                                                   it's because i wana fill in da gap dats lying in us,
                                                   we might not possess a  perfect fairy tale,
                                                   but yet this is da love story i  feel  i can put ma effort in,
                                                  you r ma some one i feel i can rely upon,
                                                  you miss me i feel inside,
                                                  i miss you u may realize inside,
                                                 ds love story might not be perfect right now...
                                                 but making it perfect is  a promise from ma side,
                                                 distance makes da bonds stronger ...i read it somewhere,
                                                 hmmm....i hope it's true n works in us as well,
                                                 i truly live in this hope,
                                                 it's a two sided love...
                                                 but yet why it hurts...!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

YoUr PrE$enCe in My LiFE

your presence completes me,
your presence is the sunshine on a cold day of ma life,
you presence is like the warmth of  affection of a mother's lap,
your presence is like the care of a loving brother,
you presence is like the assurance for a daughter by her dad,
your presence is like the shine of a star in the sky,
your presence is like the ray of hope in ma life,
your presence is like the sweetest extract of honey,

your presence is just like an angel who made my life,

  your presence is like the relief to a thirst,
 your presence is like the rainbow that fills  colours in ma life,
 "your presence" something that matters n will always matter in ma life!



Friday, March 16, 2012


                               Your memories are the most precious part of my life,
                               letting you go will shatter my life,
                                it's incomplete living without your presence,
                                this everyday pain is making me break inside,
                                i need you more then everything,
                               i want you to feel da essence of emptiness in ma life,
                                 ma soul is attached to yours,
                                  ma heartbeats are meant for yours,
                                   i love you beyond all limits,
                                    this genuine love can't be denied,
                                    I am waiting for you with all ma heart n soul,
                                        coz letting you go will just break me inside!
                                                           "I MISS YOU"
                                                   "CAN'T LET YOU GO"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today...the trend of living has changed tremendously,
living itself has become a luxury,
but sometimes life makes me think deep that is materialism in life so essential that you even forget...who you are..n what are the true priorities of  your life,
living freely,happily,with divine blessings of god,
isn't that what's of utmost importance,
i wonder why do we humans keep falling in the wells of materialism n let ourselves get trapped deeper n deeper,
luxuries,height,money,power,is this all we live for?
is this the only motive to be alive for?
life is pure..
life is divine..
life is an oppurtunity..
we live to be happy..
we live to love n to be loved,
we live to gain respect,
we live to get the support of someone who will always stand by us!
money..luxuries..height all this is secondary in life,
success can't be achieved by crushing someone's dreams,someone's emotions,someone's love.
true life starts where you start giving happiness to the people who love you,n care for you truly.
success accompanies genuine love,success approaches trueness,
materialism is just a fake beautiful trap that will prove to be disastrous one day or the other...
so why to go for it?
being true in whatever you do..n true for the people who respesct n love you..will never let you down..
it's better to get alive n get rid off  this "MATERIALISM".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You..your presence,how much it matters iz non-defineable,
you..your silly jokes,how much i miss is non-defineable,
you...the way you look at me .looking at me with.those deep eyes is non-defineable,
you...your holding of ma hand in the crowd...that wonderful warm feel is non-definable,
you...the way u make me laugh with your naughty gestures...those true laughs with you are non-defineable,
you...the way you scold me...the care i felt in those scoldings are non defineable,
you..the way you made me feel special with a simple sms of yours...that special feeling is non-defineable,
you..the way you hugged me last time..the best feeling that u gave me..that best feel is just non-defineable,
you....someone without whom the life is incomplete.this incomleteness is non-defineable.
n trust me...i can never smile the way i did with you..coz those true smiles are non-defineable,
i don't feel complete coz it's you whose missing,
and i can't live completely in this"LIFE WITHOUT YOU"

Saturday, March 3, 2012


one day or the other,
life will take us different ways,
all that will be left with us,
are the moment$ we cherished through the way,
one day or the other there will be vanished names of few friends,
but yet we will chersih the fun moments we lived through the way,
the small fights of school times,
the teasings over da crushes we had,
running behind for the last piece of cakes,
snatching away the ties of uniform,
smiling while the other one gets a scolding :p,
this all some what..which we'l olways cherish,
talking till da bus driver honks the horn:p
waiving hands as tomorrow nva gona come,
friends :) dis wat they r meant for,
consoling wen we get dumped :(
saying nah he wasn't ur types lol:p
tickling with best efforts to make me laugh :)
friends dats wat dey r made for :)
getting punished together,
shouting wen ur crush smiles back at u ;)
says hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii so loud dat even people will laugh out loud watching at us 2,
hehe dis is wat friends r made for :)
may be We all get busy in r lives ahead,
but yet i l miss each n every special friend whu truely made ds life heaven once :)
love u ol