Saturday, March 31, 2012


''DoN'T LeMe dOwN''
"i nEeD YoU AlOT''
"dOn't lEmE dOwN"
"wE CaN'T Be aPaRt"
"DoN't lEmE DoWn"
"I TrUsT YOU AlOt"
"DoN'T LeMe dOwN"
"ThIs pAiN KiLlS Me aLoT"
"oH MaN I CaN't sToP DeSe TeArS aNyMoRe nOw"...
"I CAn jUsT PLeAd tO yOu"
''DoN't lEmE DoWn loVe"
"dOn'T LeMe dOwN"


  1. hey i left a comment on this one, dun knw whr and hw it disappeared, so thot of doing it again...

    I dun hv words for this one Palak.... juz wanted to say that "Keys to a good relationship: Accept each other's faults, discuss and not argue, and always do your best to control your feelings when upset."

    thnx for ur beautiful posts, it made me regular reader and ur follower, keep writing.......Bless You...Tc
    and if u dun mind, i wud like to knw wat hapnd, if possible do write abt it...


    1. dats 100 percent true..accepting sm1 how he/she is da key 2 success in a relatnshp bt smtyms thngs go beyond da acceptance..n ya ds acceptance is required from both da sides,,mere one side thing can't do nythn good yar!dats da bitter truth! n thanx fr ur continuous appreciation..m glad dat u like ma posts :)

  2. whr r all my comments going, it not getting publish in one go, Palak, cud u plz remove "comment verification" frm ur blog, it really very cumbersome.

    yeah dats true yaar..... and hey wait... wat do u mean by one-sided... nd also u didn't say anything abt sharing ur part on blog, i wud like to knw, only if u dun mind....

    yups i do like ur posts and will continue appreciating it... coz i believe "Sometimes Little compliment means so much to me...", and if it can for me why not for others...

    Bless You... tc and keep up the gud work... :)

    1. umm ya hav changd da settings nw! nd ya will try sharing thru sm older posts do contain some content..u can analyse alot wd posts-FORGIVENESS,WHAT WAS HER FAULT ETC DO CONTAIN SMTHN..TRY DEM..thnx :)

    2. thnx 4 changing the settings and yups will surely go thru ur above mentioned posts.... Keep Smiling...Bless You...Tc

  3. beautiful......... i loved this one,,,,,,,

    1. i 2 love ds post of mine ..its 2 close 2 ma heart..da way i really expressed in dis :) thnx dhruv,,:)

  4. most of us feel dis one wants to be left alone......but we all know.....what actually your good times your partner stays with you ........praise means world to him/her......and in bad times.......... you are person that hurt him/her most ........... i might sound like a cynic..or may be i m...but i think this is the ugly truth.....though from core of my heart i hate this........just like you mentioned in this beautiful article of your's....i wants to be with most of others feel this very way, i believe.......but .....i don't think this breed exist in real....or may be they do.....just don't exist in my college :):):)

    1. yup u ryt dhruv...may be sch kinda ppl hardly exist yar..loved wat u ve writen abve :) so true!!