Saturday, March 3, 2012


one day or the other,
life will take us different ways,
all that will be left with us,
are the moment$ we cherished through the way,
one day or the other there will be vanished names of few friends,
but yet we will chersih the fun moments we lived through the way,
the small fights of school times,
the teasings over da crushes we had,
running behind for the last piece of cakes,
snatching away the ties of uniform,
smiling while the other one gets a scolding :p,
this all some what..which we'l olways cherish,
talking till da bus driver honks the horn:p
waiving hands as tomorrow nva gona come,
friends :) dis wat they r meant for,
consoling wen we get dumped :(
saying nah he wasn't ur types lol:p
tickling with best efforts to make me laugh :)
friends dats wat dey r made for :)
getting punished together,
shouting wen ur crush smiles back at u ;)
says hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii so loud dat even people will laugh out loud watching at us 2,
hehe dis is wat friends r made for :)
may be We all get busy in r lives ahead,
but yet i l miss each n every special friend whu truely made ds life heaven once :)
love u ol      


  1. Replies
    1. really school times r so wonderful ..dat weneva u thnk of dem..dey make u smile :)

  2. loved it specially...this line "l miss each n every special friend whu truely made ds life heaven once :)"..... Gud One....

    1. :) awww thanx a ton sandeep :)fr ur wonderful inspiring comments !:) dey encourage a lot:)