Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You..your presence,how much it matters iz non-defineable,
you..your silly jokes,how much i miss is non-defineable,
you...the way you look at me .looking at me with.those deep eyes is non-defineable,
you...your holding of ma hand in the crowd...that wonderful warm feel is non-definable,
you...the way u make me laugh with your naughty gestures...those true laughs with you are non-defineable,
you...the way you scold me...the care i felt in those scoldings are non defineable,
you..the way you made me feel special with a simple sms of yours...that special feeling is non-defineable,
you..the way you hugged me last time..the best feeling that u gave me..that best feel is just non-defineable,
you....someone without whom the life is incomplete.this incomleteness is non-defineable.
n trust me...i can never smile the way i did with you..coz those true smiles are non-defineable,
i don't feel complete coz it's you whose missing,
and i can't live completely in this"LIFE WITHOUT YOU"


  1. sometimes i really wonder if 'he' feels the same !!! if not,then it's pathetic of me to even think like it...i am tired of being the only one in love :(

  2. :( love hurts...really yar...cz smtyms u just can't be strong even if u try to :( n u not da nly 1 yr!!

  3. while reading ur posts i feel it somewhat similar to what happened with me(it's been almost 4 yrs nd m still trying to cope up with the pain), that's why even while sitting in office m not able to control myself from reading and commenting.....
    and to be very Honest.. u'hv got the art of "Scribbling from Heart" and "Words scribbled from heart never Lies....".... keep doing it... Bless You.. Tc

  4. m glad dat m able 2 touch someone's heart wd ma writings! n ds comment of u is jst so true...words scribbled frm heart nva lie...dats da beauty of heart in pain! thanx alot fr being a follower..keep visiting :)regards