Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stop being ruthless,stop rapes!

Ma mornings these days are being unusual !!
Unusual beyond something called Scary !!
Reason being?? the ruthless people residing in this society.
Today morning waking up made me almost die,Why? because of newspaper.
The first news That THE CHANDIGARH TRIBUNE READ was 5 year OLD GIRL RAPED !!!!
Tears in ma eyes made realize that You are alive!!!!
How could someone?? how can some be so insensitive?
5 years?? a child..a small baby girl who just was in her childhood targeted for what?? for thirst??for lust?for Sex?
Why?? ma mind kept asking me has been 6 days that i m hearing one or two girls being raped everyday in A city like chandigarh???
Where are our morals going?? if rules imply on girls then do men get the benefit of raping??
a child?? Damn it!! doctors say that the girl was too small ...and her trauma is beyond imagination!
The ruthless 2 men raped her so harsh that her lower abdomen organs tore apart!!
How will she ever forget?how will she face the society? A kid! a kid meant to play,meant to be cheerful is suffering from disastrous trauma! Trauma of??? trauma of hatred she will never get out of!!
Hatred for men !!!
Men are making us hate them.
I feel sick of the cruel n stone hearted people who have this mentally sick attitude !
Life is beyond this thing called Sex!!!
God has made us to love people not to use them,hurt them,exploit them.
Parents are scared for their daughters, they are helpless,Where is independence??
Where is freedom??
If freedom can make you a target of Rapes ! Who will love freedom?
Wake up people!!!!!! It's getting serious each day,we need to live!! WE girls Make this world complete.
Stop hurting n using us!! We are Daughters,Mothers,sisters,wifes.
MAke us proud to be a Girl ,Rather than making us regret that why we were born as girls.
 *p.s I pray for everyone who has been a victim of this serious issue! I hope of their well being n i believe that god has his own ways!! And no cruel fake n criminal people are forgived be all mighty ever!!
                    LOVE Girls ,RESPECT Them,CARE for them, n most of all VALUE them!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Story Of a woman-Part 1

I am a nameless creature who was punished because of being born as a girl!!
I am a nameless creature whose unknown parents left her at a railway platform!Why?
Because I was a Girl!! A girl who was born to live, was dumped in a messy smelly dustbin of a railway platform!
I don't know how my tiny body survived,nor do i want to know how I did,
I just know the man who took me out from there after he saw tons of crows sitting on ma body,and blood on their beaks!
May be it was destiny someone saw me! A small little body of merely 5 days lying in a bin in a cloth not so covered!
He took me out and gave me a home!
He gave me a name "payal"
He made me aware of the fact that i was a polluted one who was thrown Coz I AM A GIRL!
He made me work like a maid at his house but I din't mind,after all I was just an unknown liability on him!
Moment i turned 8 I considered him as a big brother,i considered him as a family!
But things are not so perfect as they seem!
He bought me home because he was a man with thirst Of money,Money and most of all SEX!
He raped me everyday,every night!
He feeded me like i was a mere slut!
He made me live on water for long times..
I was 8.But life made me learn almost all in that "not so childhood"
People came and went!
They came,used me..paid for it and went off!
I was pale,weak,ma lower abdomen was almost lapsed!
3 long years i was used,by infinite number of people!
not even a single one of those shrewd men thought how such small girl is being used by a bastard,
He earned lots with ma body!
Ma life was dark! shattered beyond all levels
He accomplished his targets Of MONEY AND SEX BOTH!
 *p.s life is just too dark for women still and no one can realize their pain. will be back with part 2 soon describing the never ending miseries of this woman! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Quotes ThaT Touched ma Heart !!

Few things you come across in life,Which always leave an essence! Quotes are something that can define tons of emotions in a sentence or two!! N that is what enhances it's beauty!! some are just too close to your heart that you can actually relate them to your lives!
 *p.s 3rd and 8th are ma personal favourite :)
 Hats off to all the wonderful people who created such master pieces :) Regards!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


UUgghh RANBIR KAPOOR!! I cannot keep mah eyes of YOu..
I wish I could actually write a book describing THAT man you look something even beyond SEXY <3
Heart throb for millions but dude I love You madly !! :)
I wish I could actually marry YOU :D
PEOPLE call you flirt But for me ;) you are a,amazing!
The way you act.the way you move,The way you dress up.The way you speak...It's all out of the world :)
And for me Drooling over you all day all night is just Heavenly :)
  *p.s this post was short n full of girly mad stuff But uugghhh I love him beyond everything.. :)
   XOXO RANBIR :) :) mmuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG BABY :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Breaking up in the monsoon!

Monsoon..the season of love!!
The season of romance!
The time where drenching in rain together is the most beautiful experience,
Best time to have loads of coffee and gossips n loosing into your someone special,
But this monsoon is somewhat different...
It made me apart from you.
We are no more together...
We are no more lost..
You chose what you wanted to..
N look at me? still roaming around the same paths,roads,Cafes,where we used to!
It's all over! I can't believe when you said that!
But it's true..I got to be strong enough to accept the fact that..YOU N ME ....It's OVER!
I can't curse you...nor can I curse this destiny..
I curse myself ..U know why?? because it's me who gave you that special place in ma heart..
I gave you that right to hurt me dude..
Somehow may be you never loved me...Or you did...
But it won't have ended if you really did..
Our ways are apart...our paths apart..
Ma phone does'nt beep..with that special essence the way it used to when you messaged"I LOVE U BABY"
May be i'll never forgive you...
Never ever till i die..
But you know what's hurtful..
I still love you........
May be i always will !! :( :( :(

Sunday, September 2, 2012


The time when crying is the only option left,
Because making him understand is something beyond control,
And letting him go is what will kill me even more!!!