Friday, September 7, 2012

Breaking up in the monsoon!

Monsoon..the season of love!!
The season of romance!
The time where drenching in rain together is the most beautiful experience,
Best time to have loads of coffee and gossips n loosing into your someone special,
But this monsoon is somewhat different...
It made me apart from you.
We are no more together...
We are no more lost..
You chose what you wanted to..
N look at me? still roaming around the same paths,roads,Cafes,where we used to!
It's all over! I can't believe when you said that!
But it's true..I got to be strong enough to accept the fact that..YOU N ME ....It's OVER!
I can't curse you...nor can I curse this destiny..
I curse myself ..U know why?? because it's me who gave you that special place in ma heart..
I gave you that right to hurt me dude..
Somehow may be you never loved me...Or you did...
But it won't have ended if you really did..
Our ways are apart...our paths apart..
Ma phone does'nt beep..with that special essence the way it used to when you messaged"I LOVE U BABY"
May be i'll never forgive you...
Never ever till i die..
But you know what's hurtful..
I still love you........
May be i always will !! :( :( :(


  1. What happened??
    Cheer up the way nice post...

    1. m ok..thanx for ur concern dearo!! n ya glad u liked it ..

  2. Monsoon is always emotional. But the best thing I love about rain is it can make people write well!

    Village Girl

  3. thank you so much for ur visit :) n yea generally overwhelming emotions is what makes ppl write well ...:)

  4. i knw Palak hw it feels, m goin thru dat feeling.... bt u knw wat i luv d most abt rains, is that, even if u go out wen it's raining and cry ur heart out, no one wud ever notice nd it feels gud to do so...... i guess Monsoon is made both for Lovers as well as who lost it lyk forever.....
    bt let me tell u Palak.... try to be strong.. it's of no use crying over spilt milk... ryt na ???
    aur waise bhi u seem to be a nice gal... dekhna.. 1 din.. u will get a very nice guy in ur life.... till den...

    Keep Smiling.... Bless You.. Tc.....


    1. hey :) hws u has been long heard frm u ?? hope u doing good..nd m ok :) dnt wry...i love getting hurt in dis season is ...woho too bad u knw..n thanku so much fr ur lovely wrds :) u inspire me lot yar:) tcr! keep in touch:)

    2. yeah yeah.. was not well frm past 2-3 weeks.. find out more by reading my new post as in whr was I.....

      Keep Smiling... Bless You.. Tc