Sunday, September 23, 2012

Story Of a woman-Part 1

I am a nameless creature who was punished because of being born as a girl!!
I am a nameless creature whose unknown parents left her at a railway platform!Why?
Because I was a Girl!! A girl who was born to live, was dumped in a messy smelly dustbin of a railway platform!
I don't know how my tiny body survived,nor do i want to know how I did,
I just know the man who took me out from there after he saw tons of crows sitting on ma body,and blood on their beaks!
May be it was destiny someone saw me! A small little body of merely 5 days lying in a bin in a cloth not so covered!
He took me out and gave me a home!
He gave me a name "payal"
He made me aware of the fact that i was a polluted one who was thrown Coz I AM A GIRL!
He made me work like a maid at his house but I din't mind,after all I was just an unknown liability on him!
Moment i turned 8 I considered him as a big brother,i considered him as a family!
But things are not so perfect as they seem!
He bought me home because he was a man with thirst Of money,Money and most of all SEX!
He raped me everyday,every night!
He feeded me like i was a mere slut!
He made me live on water for long times..
I was 8.But life made me learn almost all in that "not so childhood"
People came and went!
They came,used me..paid for it and went off!
I was pale,weak,ma lower abdomen was almost lapsed!
3 long years i was used,by infinite number of people!
not even a single one of those shrewd men thought how such small girl is being used by a bastard,
He earned lots with ma body!
Ma life was dark! shattered beyond all levels
He accomplished his targets Of MONEY AND SEX BOTH!
 *p.s life is just too dark for women still and no one can realize their pain. will be back with part 2 soon describing the never ending miseries of this woman! 


  1. well... Palak... it was really a touchy nd emotional post... i dun knw wat to say...whether to praise it coz u've written or to feel sad abt the gal.....
    eventhough we live in dis so called 'Modern World' bt still in few parts of India...Gals r considered as curse....even hv seen people working in IT sector juz sit in front of 'GOD' nd pray for a son instead of a makes me sad....people celebrate when a Boy is born bt dey feel embarrassing to even tell abt gal....i dun understand hw does it make any difference... i guess at times every1 forgets that it is coz of a 'Female' they r/wer born in this world.... dey curse 'The One' who gave life to dem after keeping him/her into womb for 9 months taking utmost care....
    it really sad.... bt wat can be done... we can't teach our elders abt it... bt atleast we being part of 21st century... try nd educate our nd future generations abt it.... Lets hope 4 d Best......

    sry comnt thoda lamba ho gaya... i gt carried away yaarrrr.....

    anyway.... well written post....

    Keep Smiling... Bless You.. Tc


    1. absolutely correct sandeep!! no matter how modern ds world is getting yet there is just minimal amount of ppl who consider a gal equally imprtnt as a boy! n ds reality is just too harsh to be accepted ! m happy that u liked it dat n u cud analyse the depth of sadness hidden inside it !! tcr buddy!!

    2. i wish... sumthing or anything cud be done for such people....
      nd yeah... wud be waiting 4 2nd part eagerly.. dun keep us thirsty 4 long.... :) :)

      Keep Smiling..... Bless You... Tc


  2. Replies
    1. yup extremely :( thanx alot fr ur commnet!