Thursday, January 31, 2013

With you it's different...

You entered ma life like a shining star,
You made it shine with sparkling charm,
I never ever thought i'll meet someone like you,
Today i m glad i somehow found you!
Life is so different since you've entered ma life,
Your essence of warmth is what completes ma life!
Your love,your care,your touch that's so gentle,
Your affection,your eyes,your depth of love that's lying inside,
"YOU" make me feel what i am,what i m truly inside!
With you it's different !
 *p.s this post is dedicated to a wonderful person of ma life who entered ma life just few months back and made it worth! dedicated to mr.namit :) :) XOXO thanx fr being dre,i'll miss yoooouuu lloooaaaaaaadddsss :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

His Over-Sized Jacket :)

No matter how much comfortable ma life becomes,
It would always your over-sized jacket that will make me comfortable like a princess,
No matter how many coverings i wear to save maslf from the harsh winds,
Still nothing can beat the warmth of your over-sized cozy jacket :)
  *p.s a guy's jacket for a gal is most special n it always will be :) <3
   Essence of care n warmth of love in his jacket is what makes it special :) :)