Sunday, December 30, 2012

QuoTes That seeM To be Extracted from life

*P.s each n every Quote touched ma heart above :) hope every1 out there likes it :) will be glad to hear bout your views..n which was your favourite among them ? :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you really love her Unconditionally!

Phew i m writing a post for almost after a month :(
All thanx to ma exams (hectic time)
 so finally m back on blogger with a certain thought which is playing in ma mind since almost a week,
 Is it enough to say I love you without taking a stand for your girl in front of the whole world?
I don't know....i actually can't perfectly think of an answer to this.
Being a girl what does one expect from her guy?
Telling her I love you N acting single for the world??
Is that what you call true love?
Well I don't !!!
If a guy cannot tell the world he loves u,then may be he doesn't,
If he cannot accept you as a part of his life,
The may be he will never make you enter his future life!!!
Every girl deserves security, she needs to feel secure about her realtionship n she will always feel best when her guy will tell his friends meet her " She is Ma girl,Ma baby,ma life"
 *so all u guys out there don't wait for da perfect moment n tell da world out there Yes i love her n I always will !!!