Thursday, September 3, 2015

You were my everything

*p.s The spelling of believed is wrong :D Typing error haha.
Take care people.Cheers :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where am I?

You learn while you grow,
you get to know alot while you grow they say.
Not everything is worth knowing but then sometimes life has its own way of teaching you things.
Childhood,teenage and then you become an adult.
Seeking attention.trying to do all you can to fit in,learning the aspect called survival of the fittest.
But sometimes this journey of 'fitting in' becomes so disastrous that you start losing yourself in this never ending journey.
How long can you do things to make people love you?
they say love is unconditional but then why are we endlessly doing things and making efforts in order to become the way they want us?
Aren't these so called conditions which they still call as unconditional love?
What is unconditional in this?
How far are we gonna keep loving them and keep losing our individuality?
I feel so lost at times inspite being in huge crowds of people....friends,special ones...
Seems like I am doing it all to be with them but then where is the real me?
Those late nights where I cry and moan in silence,
asking myself what am I exactly doing with my life...
but then that's the choice we make I tell myself,
and sleep with another bunch of unanswered questions.............

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Somethings never make sense

Somewhere in those dark rooms I still cry,
I cry for those broken pieces of mine which probably I left inside you when you left.
Somewhere during those full moon nights I still look at that moon for hours and hours missing how I dreamt of spending these beautiful nights with you by my side.
Somewhere while dressing up I still miss you seeing me with those deep eyes that wanted me completely with that essence called 'forever mine'
Somewhere while I drive on those roads we travelled on together I miss our togetherness....I miss us..
Somewhere whenever I close my eyes I see you and that's when I feel sleeping forever is far better than waking up to this harsh reality of drifiting paths.
   *P.s some things never make sense,some chasings never end!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The letters that I never sent~part 1

To the man I loved the most,
Its been a while now since we decided to stay apart,
but trust me these days have been more or less like ages,
Its not that I haven't been breathing or eating,
but somehow all this seems to be a mere compulsion now.
I know we are over,
I tell that to myself every night before sleeping....I don't remember when waiting to get some sleep din't turn from night to morning,
Sleepless seems to be just a word that can certainly describe the beginnings of my trauma
You were right baby,
you became everything that I ever wanted in my life,
and when you are gone,
its like losing the entire world in one moment.
I don't know how are you now,
but I seceretly sometimes wish you miss me too.....
I think I still love you.......
With love
From the woman who loved you the most

Monday, July 13, 2015

I lost him though I love him

The myth called love has finally come to an end,
It seems like ages have passed since I was living in that illusion called love which ended on a shattering note.
I don't regret the love I had for that man,
but I surely do sleep with a feeling of defeat every night.
Why was I never enough?
Why was I too hard to love...and most of all why we couldn't last.
With him the answers are gone too.
My questions would probably stay unanswered forever.
I would never be able to trace those reasons of why things deteriorated inspite those beautiful beginnings.
Were those beginings meant to fade?
Weren't those beginnings supposed to create a never ending love.
Why am I not good enough to make him stay?
Was I nothing ever?
Will we ever meet again?
Will I feel his touch again?
Will these memories ever fade away?
Will the survival be easy?
Will he regret and realize?
Will he ever make an attempt to get things back to the way they were?
"NO" the mind said.....

..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................".I lost him though I love him".............................Said the heart
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, July 10, 2015

Weight loss+summers=Sounds perfect

Summers are known to be the best time for losing those extra kilograms we all generally put on during the winters.Thanks to those fried cutlets,french fries and most of all Aloo ka paranthas full of oil.
But summer is the kick start to pull up the socks and bring the body back into shape by losing that stubborn fat and toning the body at its best.
 Eat healthy,exercise regular,lose weight is what they say.
Well youngsters have been constantly adopting the idea of crash diets in order to lose weight faster but is that really a good deal?
I mean yes you do lose weight fast in maximum cases but is that how the body is to be nurtured?
Your body is a delicate machinery,you need to pamper it,nurture it in an extremely healthy manner.
Moreover crash diets are something you cannot really follow in the long run as it tends to weaken the immune system and might lead to malfunctioning of other body functions too upto a certain extent while on the contrary if an individual adopts a balanced diet he/she will not have to face the consequences of weakness,bouncing back of weight.
In the case of crash diets not only we starve ourselves but also somehow deprive ourselves from the vital nutrients which our body requires.
A well-balanced diet provides the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy. Eating well can also aid in the prevention of a variety of diseases and health problems, as well as helping to maintain a healthy body weight, providing energy and promoting a general feeling of well-being.
   A balanced diet is very important to the immune system, helping to ensure that the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary to its efficient function are available.
One of the most noticeable benefits of a balanced diet is energy. Keeping your body fuelled with the right proportions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can give you the energy you need to make the most of your day.
Crash diets are not only hard to follow but also cause a lack of energy in the body which thus in many cases lowers the metabolism rate and instead of losing weight some individuals might start to gain weight,thus ruining the weight issue even more.
   Crash diet not only has adverse effects on the physical front but also might affect the mental health of an individual.
According to various researches people who opt for crash diets experience worse mood swings due to the restrictions on the kind of food a person can take.
 On the contrary consumption of balanced diet  makes you more productive,you will be happier,you will be less stressed,you will eat less yet healthy and nutritious,you will live longer and last but not the least most importantly you will lose weight in a right manner.

Summing up on the note-Eat healthy,don't hinder the consumption of those vital nutrients and shedding weight would be much easier and simpler.
Stay fit feel young

*P.s this post is written for Dabur honey-Honey diet,a sweeter alternative

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan~My journey

You tend to fall in a bad company or a bad situation genrally when there is a lack of freedom and lack of that comfort level between you being the child and your parents,I have always believed in this belief.
The mantra called buddy parenting is what makes children grow in a beautiful manner where they don't tend to lose their values,ethics, freedom and certainly they grow as great human beings.
I have been a really pampered child since the beginning and my parents being my best friends have always been there for me.
From being a little strict to being naughty,from making me do my home work on time to letting me watch cartoons for extra time they nurtured me with their immense love and affection.
I have always felt content being the only daughter child because certainly they have been with me as a friend,a guide,a fun loving companion and most of all someone I can always rely upon.
     I still remember how when I scored less in maths my dad made me learn the mathematics tables one by one for my tests by taking me to his office and telling me the importance of numbers in life.
I learnt them with joy and looking back at those moments still gives me heaps of happiness.
     The instance when I first time went for a solo singing competition and could not win it,I remember my mom standing right there near the stage for me telling me "slow and steady wins the race".
   The time when Cake making contest was going to take place and mom taught me baking the walnut cake with so much patience knowing how much I dislike cooking :)
 The days where I taught dad how to type a text message to the days where I took mom to a saloon  telling her which hair colour wolud suit her perfect,it seemed like we all grew together.
  From sharing talks about my pretty class teacher to the guy I share my seat with,
  from making those paper boats to composing a perfect e-mail,
  from learning to cut perfectly round onions to cooking pasta for my boyfriend
  from learning to manage my books according to the time table to opening my first bank account,
  from confessing my first crush to admitting I bunked classes,
  from those tiny girly gossips to the brands I want to buy,
  from expressing my choice of graduation course to the actual experience of my convocation day,
  from confessing love to the day I made them meet my guy.
 They stood by,stood by me as someone I knew will never give upon me.
 My buddies I call them,buddies for life.
 I have their names saved as PAPA BFF,MOMMY BFF :)
They made me grow in a way where I feel I want to become a parent like them,
I have lived so many "KHUSHI KE PAL" with my mom & dad that looking back at my journey gives me smiles with tears :)

     *p.s this post is written for “Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan” contest in association with  Kellogg India Private Ltd and Indiblogger.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mom's diary

My eyes got numb when I read my mom's diary,
it felt like she had taken out her heart and kept it inside this diary,
Its my birthday today and my grandpa gave me mom's diary as my birhday present.
The cover said My baby turned 15.
She died when I was 8 Grandpa tells me,
I was young,I remember how I wasn't able to believe  that she's never gonna open her eyes.
I don't get to meet my dad often,
he is a busy businessman,
meets me five six times in a year hardly
I miss mom!!
I read her diary and somehow I can feel pain inside,as if i really can't feel anything around but just feel something shattering deep inside.
She died because of acute depression,
she was living on anti-depressings but a stage came where she could not survive.
My dad was cheating on her,
she loved him,she loved dad unconditionally I said to myself.
I remember how she made each small lil effort for dad to give him the feel of that "EXTRA SPECIAL"
From those aroma candles in his study to the white carnations on his table,
from wearing his favourite blue to cooking his favourite mutton paya .
She just took care of evrything.
But he cheated on her....cheated on with another woman.
The lines ~
" My baby Akira,Happy birthday love
You are grown up my baby
I am not there beside you to share your teenage with you
but I will always adore you from wherever I am,
Don't hate your dad,because I know he loves you,probably he wont admit or express much but he does.
I know what all he has done to me isn't worth forgivness but at times we have to move on my child.
I could not survive because my love for him...I couldn't bear the pain of him being with someone or probably sharing the man I love with someone else.
He meant the world to me Akira,I loved him in the purest form and I don't regret that.
It was our destiny or probably the fate that all this happened but Its time to bid goodbye to all those bitter memories.
I will always love you and love him too..
       *P.s make sure you take care of your dad,
         and Do learn to cook mutton paya,he loves it.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Last night

How am I gonna live without him,
I have been asking this to myself since last night.
I deleted him from my contact list,but will he ever be deleted from my life?
From my heart I would rather say.
The most incurable and deepest form of love,how am I gonna delete it all?
but probably I don't have an option either.
I will let go,but this one decision to let go is the heaviest decision I could take.
But no options were left.I was trying to make a dead world alive.
I was living in fake illusions of mine which had no meaning.
I am letting him go,but inside I have lost a part of mine,I have died inside,I have lost my inner soul which was deeply in love with that man.
Last night everything got over,we would probably never talk or meet,but I'll miss him always.
Its hard to accept that he has been hurting me and destroying me each moment and hasn't shown any concern for this bond and has clearly left,
but yes it has to be accepted.
I loved him,I probably still do,but I am letting go,yes I am.
The last night......the heaviest one....
 *p.s I lost a part of mine inside you which went away along with your exit.I'll miss you kidrock.Take care,with you left my dreams and happiness.

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's all a mess

The messed up hair,
the messed up life,
eeerrrr...I can't even recollect how many things in life are actually messed up for now,
I kill my loneliness by reading heaps n heaps of novels,
mostly love strories,uugghh silly woman I call myself at times.
I am not supposed to do this to myslef,
this would just lead to more and more destruction of my inner peace.
But "I am trying" I tell myself often..
certainly these tries seem to be of no use,
I am probably still stuck in the scenario called past,
I have so much of baggage of my past that looking forward itself is a game of pain,
meeting people,reading novels,listening to music,talking and chatting..all this works just upto a certain extent...or probably at times it doesn't work at all,
probably we are just pretending to be busy and doing more n more of work,
but inside there's a battle,an endless battle that seems to be so piercing that I feel the pain shatter me inside each moment,
I have learnt to fake a smile but I know I am stuck in the life which HE gave me,
He who made me happy is the reason I am not able to recover from this devastating phase of mine.
At times I wonder was I so easy to be let gone?
Did i evn matter or was it just an illusion in which I spent my time,
If i did why did he go?If I din't why did he prtend?
questions to wich I have no answers,
memories to which I have mere tears to give.
let go is just a word I read often
but letting him is go is the only factor I am not able to overcome.
 *p.s Everything happens for some good,they say,honestly I have no idea how can we expect good after going through such irony,but somewhere life would have to be fair....sooner or later I belive.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Togetherness with your best friend is something you cherish throughout your life time,
Girlfriends are too hard to find after all.
Life is too competitive nowadays that being friends with the same gender seems to be a miracle these days,
probably I am quite lucky when it comes to having the girl best friend ,
the friend who understands me more than me at times,
the friend who consoles me and scolds me on the very same moment,
she can be funny,she can be serious,
she can be naughty,she can be moody,
but 'we together' is what gives a true meaning to the thing called friendship.
I still remember that late evening,when I was pale.
Low,low to an extent where I had given up,given up in every aspect of life.
Depressed was probably a small word that day to define the extent of pain I was into.
Pessimism,negative thoughts,heartbreaking scenarios and what not.
But she stood by,no matter what.
I don't wish to talk Ashima,leave me alone was the only thing I kept repeating the entire day,
We are going for a good long walk at our favourite lake and you know what babe? "you don't have a choice to say no",she said.
All right you stubborn woman was all I could utter that moment.
It gives me happiness when I look back and think of that phase where she was with me together to support me in that devastating phase of my life,
I still remember those lines by heart-
"Life is too short Palak,
you are an angel for so many people out there,
you got to believe in yourself,
you got to prove all those morons wrong.
I am here with you,for you and just you,remember that baby.
One moron guy who could not value your love,some cheap friends and their pranks,non-supportive family in few instances is not something that can make a strong ambitious woman like you give up honey.
You are a shining star,a star that is supposed to shine in the upcoming times.
You have no idea how special you are Palak.
There are so many people out there who wish to be like you,
God has made you as a beauty with brains sweetheart,
you are meant to outgrow these tiny sad scenarios of life.
You are a beautiful and an independent woman,
and you don't need a guy's presence to validate this fact.
You are strong,remember that,
much more stronger than even I know,
and you have to prove this to me.
You are a full package of talents delivered by God
have you ever realized that you moron?
I literally laughed with tears in my eyes,thinking inside how can someone understand me so well,
but yeah that's true,she does know me so well,
and she proves this in each phase of my life,whenever I need her.
I hugged her tight and I felt that truly I can't even think of giving up.
Some bonds of life are too special,too beautiful to be defined in words.
I love her and # TOGETHER we are complete.
 *p.s this post is written for 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The late night thoughts

Probably life isn't that complicated  the way we human beings have been perceiving it to be,
probably it isn't that hard to feel content with the life that you have,
I somehow feel you yourself give people the right to starve you up to an extent,
you yourself give them that remote control of your life where somehow you never realize but you are taken for granted,
I somehow realized with the passage of time that there's nothing called he/she started taking me for granted,
Its you who made someone so important that they felt they have the right to control you or probably take you for granted.
You need happiness right? every ordinary human beings does need happiness I believe.
but why to let someone starve you for that happiness?
I feel if you give people the power to feed you,
you also give them the power to starve you and that is where we need to be cautious.
Probably you need to be that self dependent in life always that no one ever can starve you for the share of happiness you deserve.
   *p.s I am writing after a very long time,but late night thoughts that make me wander are something I can't resist writing :) This too is part of the late night thoughts that make feel sleepless
Any ways take care all the readers :) Happy blogging .

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Its not that I haven't known sadness before,
but I haven't known it the way I can feel it now.
I have felt depression before,
but I haven't felt something shattering inside me this way before.
I have let gone people earlier,
but I haven't felt such burden on my heart before.
I have faked a smile before,
but faking smile never felt so much pain before.
Life was never easy,
but it truly never felt like such an agony before.

Monday, January 19, 2015

P.S I Miss You

                                               We were meant to go on different paths,
                                                Apart ...alone....not together probably,
                                                Destiny's game may be,
                                                but still I won't forget those winters 
                                                where you kept me warm ...
                                                your touch..your warmth ...and most of all your love...
                                                P.S I miss you

Its my 100th  post on my blog :-) It feels so good
Thanks to everyone who read my work and made my blog worth :-)