Thursday, August 6, 2015

Somethings never make sense

Somewhere in those dark rooms I still cry,
I cry for those broken pieces of mine which probably I left inside you when you left.
Somewhere during those full moon nights I still look at that moon for hours and hours missing how I dreamt of spending these beautiful nights with you by my side.
Somewhere while dressing up I still miss you seeing me with those deep eyes that wanted me completely with that essence called 'forever mine'
Somewhere while I drive on those roads we travelled on together I miss our togetherness....I miss us..
Somewhere whenever I close my eyes I see you and that's when I feel sleeping forever is far better than waking up to this harsh reality of drifiting paths.
   *P.s some things never make sense,some chasings never end!


  1. Somewhere one person is missing his true essence of life he had a chance on and Somewhere one person is missing his true essence of life he could have a chance on.

  2. I close my eyes I see you- well penned

    1. Thanks a ton,glad you read my work. :)
      Keep visting.

  3. nicely said.. as miserable as the feeling of missing is, there a beauty that lies in describing it..

    1. True they say pains and agonies give birth to writers :)
      Thanks for dropping by.Keep visiting,take care