Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The letters that I never sent~part 1

To the man I loved the most,
Its been a while now since we decided to stay apart,
but trust me these days have been more or less like ages,
Its not that I haven't been breathing or eating,
but somehow all this seems to be a mere compulsion now.
I know we are over,
I tell that to myself every night before sleeping....I don't remember when waiting to get some sleep din't turn from night to morning,
Sleepless seems to be just a word that can certainly describe the beginnings of my trauma
You were right baby,
you became everything that I ever wanted in my life,
and when you are gone,
its like losing the entire world in one moment.
I don't know how are you now,
but I seceretly sometimes wish you miss me too.....
I think I still love you.......
With love
From the woman who loved you the most


  1. By writing Part 1, You have actually given a part of yourself too. Great post.

    1. You are very right in saying that Karan ,thankyou :)

  2. Loving someone and being with someone are two different things. Sometimes we can't be the one we love. It's better to move on and keep it as a happy memory.

    1. That's right,these both are actually two different things.
      And yes moving on is the only option probably.
      Thanks Saru di :) Its always a pleasure seeing your comments on my blog,take care.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much anjali :)
      Keep visiting.

  4. probably one of the worst feelings to live with.......and some has to bear this pain for life.....

    you have weaved the feeling to the words with perfection.

    1. Yeah somehow the pain does lasts for a life time and make that pain our comfort zone.
      Thanks for dropping by :)
      Keep visiting.