Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan~My journey

You tend to fall in a bad company or a bad situation genrally when there is a lack of freedom and lack of that comfort level between you being the child and your parents,I have always believed in this belief.
The mantra called buddy parenting is what makes children grow in a beautiful manner where they don't tend to lose their values,ethics, freedom and certainly they grow as great human beings.
I have been a really pampered child since the beginning and my parents being my best friends have always been there for me.
From being a little strict to being naughty,from making me do my home work on time to letting me watch cartoons for extra time they nurtured me with their immense love and affection.
I have always felt content being the only daughter child because certainly they have been with me as a friend,a guide,a fun loving companion and most of all someone I can always rely upon.
     I still remember how when I scored less in maths my dad made me learn the mathematics tables one by one for my tests by taking me to his office and telling me the importance of numbers in life.
I learnt them with joy and looking back at those moments still gives me heaps of happiness.
     The instance when I first time went for a solo singing competition and could not win it,I remember my mom standing right there near the stage for me telling me "slow and steady wins the race".
   The time when Cake making contest was going to take place and mom taught me baking the walnut cake with so much patience knowing how much I dislike cooking :)
 The days where I taught dad how to type a text message to the days where I took mom to a saloon  telling her which hair colour wolud suit her perfect,it seemed like we all grew together.
  From sharing talks about my pretty class teacher to the guy I share my seat with,
  from making those paper boats to composing a perfect e-mail,
  from learning to cut perfectly round onions to cooking pasta for my boyfriend
  from learning to manage my books according to the time table to opening my first bank account,
  from confessing my first crush to admitting I bunked classes,
  from those tiny girly gossips to the brands I want to buy,
  from expressing my choice of graduation course to the actual experience of my convocation day,
  from confessing love to the day I made them meet my guy.
 They stood by,stood by me as someone I knew will never give upon me.
 My buddies I call them,buddies for life.
 I have their names saved as PAPA BFF,MOMMY BFF :)
They made me grow in a way where I feel I want to become a parent like them,
I have lived so many "KHUSHI KE PAL" with my mom & dad that looking back at my journey gives me smiles with tears :)

     *p.s this post is written for “Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan” contest in association with  Kellogg India Private Ltd and Indiblogger.


  1. Wow Palak, even though u wrote it for a contest, still nothing appears artificial or over promoted. I must say that your story is the second sweetest relationship ( The first one is obviously mine ;) ) between a child and parent, I have ever heard. You play with words like a magician play with her wand. Hats Off.

    1. Thank you so much Karan :) You have always been an inspirer and I am totally glad :)
      Magician Palak hehe :D