Monday, August 27, 2012

Day by day you are going away!

Day by day you are going away,
Day by day i am loosing ma way,
Day by day you moving far n far,
Day by day you choosing a different way!
I am alone looking at you,
Searching for the old you,
You are sure of what you do,
I can't understand what to do!
I am an honest heart who is loving you everyday,
You are going far! far n far away!
You made me fall for you deeper n deeper  each new day!
Today you can't even assure that you will always stay!
Ma heart is all shattered into pieces that hurt,
You going,leaving me alone far n far away!!
 *p.s it hurts beyond imagination,when you put your hope into someone,n that someone leaves you choosing some other way or aspiration above you! :( :(

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You are the One for me

The times we Don't meet Are the times Most lifeless,
The times We don't talk are the times so meaningless,
The days spent without you are days full of gloominess,
The seasons without you seem too Worthless,
I feel I am lost like a small little child,
When I walk without your hand in ma hand,
I am no one without you,I am lifeless without you,
You are the reason I feel ma life is worth,
You are the priority I live each day For,
You are the essence of Purity who makes me feel alive,
You are the sunshine who makes ma days bright,
You complete Me,Is all i know,
You are the One for me is all i know !!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Marriage!! A small lil word with depth of feelings hidden inside,that's meant to last forever!
God has made two people for each other somewhere in some or the other corner of the world!
Marriage? Should it be a arranged?or should it be with the one you love?
A debateable question since ages!
Well I believe it should be with the one you feel is your Mr.right Or miss.perfect!
People say love marriage is all about disregarding,disobeying your parents!!
It's a BIG NO to this opinion! It's entirely false.
Our parents love it when we act as independent.
Parents are equivalent to GOD,
They live to see us happy!
Love is the purest form of emotion, a human being can experience in lifetime!
Love is serene! Marrying the one you love is the best gift one can receive from god!
Marriage needs little amount of adjustments,compromises,loads of compatability,and LOVE!
And if you know the one you gonna get married to, you hardly need more time after marriage to make things work,
Being in love before getting into the bond of marriage makes you understand him/her completely,
You learn to adjust with their behaviour,their flaws,their mood swings,
You make efforts to tell them what you love about them and what makes you hurt!
Till the time you are ready to get into the Beautiful bond of marriage you are completely sure of what are the do's and don'ts you need to follow after marriage with your partner :)

The time  period people generally use to understand each other,the likes and dislikes after An Arranged marriage might just prove to be so long sometimes.
On the contrary in case of love marriage It's  just so simple,Everything is just crystal clear,You know them,It's just now you officially owe them. :) you can express,love as much as you want to! No more time to be put up,No clashes as to make adjustments,just creating a scenario full of love,hapiness for yourself,your family,n most of all you partner!
The one you love truly will make each possible effort in return to love your family as well!
He/She will consider your family as their's.
And you know that's what matters the most!
And this will enhance the bond of Your Pure relationship called marriage even more!!
Love makes the life beautiful And marriage makes love last forever indeed!
Indeed marriage depends on "WILL POWER" "LOVE" "LOYALTY" and most of all "COMMITMENT"

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Give a cHance to liFe-live freely(SOAK NO MORE)

Life is precious,You are extremely Lucky to be born as a human!
Value it by loving it,Value it by living each moment of life as if it's your last.
Life is not mere about MATERIALISM! It's much beyond that!
Life is not Just about your apple laptops,Your blackberry,Your AUDI Q7,Or any other luxury!
Life is much beyond the materialism,Much beyond STRESS,TENSIONS,FRUSTRATIONS!
Stress won't make you feel lively,Nor will your I-Phone,
Money won't lead to true hapiness! It's the time with your loved ones,It's the Seasons of this universe,
The love of you special ones which will make your life worth!
World is competitive I agree But running behind your Luxurious aspirations Is not the only thing for which  we are meant for! We are the beautiful creatures made by god to live on this amazing earth.
Go ahead Live life,Enjoy the serene ambience around you!
Step Out of your comfy beds And feel the rain!
Drench in it and feel the beauty of TRUE LIFE,
Feel the droplets and remember the one You love :)
Go out in your oldest Attire and feel the old days of your life,
Sing,Dance on your favourite songs,
Call your beloved,Your friends just to tell them You care,
Go for a drive living,Enjoying,getting inspired from each creature on the earth,
Leave your tensions,Stress,Billionaire dreams behind for sometime!!
And LIve!! Live to make your lifeWorth!

And give Your life a Fair true chance and make it worth!!
So that you never regret :) :)
                    This entry is for the SURF EXCEL MATIC "SOAK NO MORE"
                    contest organised by Indiblogger.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The way she left me

Today I stand nowhere in life,
Because she broke ma heart!!
The heart that loved her,Just her with all true feeling$,
She moved on,she is far far away from me,
Not because I did not love her,
BUt because she preferred someone else over me,
She has made me feel helpless,
I stand nowhere..I am lost,
No words in this universe can define the way i feel right now,
I am devastated,destroyed,hollow,
I feel pale,
I feel a body with just breaths going on..But yet so lifeless,
I was'nt wrong,I am not wrong,
Yet here I am lost,pale,standing alone like a moron,
For her it was easy,For me it's tough,
For her I was an option,
For me she was the one,
For me she was ma angel,
For her I was a normal man,
For me she was ma life,
For her I was a just normal way!
It's hurting the way nothing could ever,
I feel ma heart is bleeding,It's not injured,It's finished,
I've lost her,
She's not bothered nor does she care!
But i am deteriorated,Ma life is of no worth!
I feel something even beyond hurt! Something beyond Death!! Something beyond everything !! :(
        *p.s this is ma 50th post for ma blog!! thanx a ton to ol those wonderful people who frequently visit ma blog n appreciate ma writings! m greatful to each one of u! hope to keep entertaining everyone fond of reading :) love u all :) take good care!! keep visiting! :) (( PAlaK :) ))

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nothing beyond you!

Nothing can ever change the way I feel for you,
Nothing can overcome the feelings I posses for you,
Nothing can make me feel the way you do,
Nothing can make me feel so safe the way you do,
Nothing in this world seems more right  the i way I feel with you,
Nothing in this world Can make me feel "love" beyond YOU!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love the way it's raining Baby!

It's raining Baby!
It's raining Baby!
I love the way it's raining Baby!
Come and lie in ma warm arms baby!!
Feel the sense of warmth Baby!!
I am sitting beside you here baby!
Hold me tight when thunders scare you baby,
Wrap your arms around me when lightning stares at you Baby,
Look into my eyes and feel the essence of romance in the air,
Hold ma hand and feel the droplets of rain,
Rain is beautiful, but yet Not more than you Baby!
I am lost in you beyond imagination Baby,
The flicks covering your eyes make you look like an angel Baby,
The wet hands holding ma shirt making me fall for you further Honey!
You owe me so much I wonder sometimes,
You make this season of monsoon Worth BABY :)