Monday, August 27, 2012

Day by day you are going away!

Day by day you are going away,
Day by day i am loosing ma way,
Day by day you moving far n far,
Day by day you choosing a different way!
I am alone looking at you,
Searching for the old you,
You are sure of what you do,
I can't understand what to do!
I am an honest heart who is loving you everyday,
You are going far! far n far away!
You made me fall for you deeper n deeper  each new day!
Today you can't even assure that you will always stay!
Ma heart is all shattered into pieces that hurt,
You going,leaving me alone far n far away!!
 *p.s it hurts beyond imagination,when you put your hope into someone,n that someone leaves you choosing some other way or aspiration above you! :( :(


  1. Cheer up, there is someone special for you :)

  2. what a wonderful god bless u...

  3. beautiful creation - really no one can understand the pain which one goes through

    1. bingo..only u can feel wat u go thru :) thanx a heap fr ur visit!!

  4. was goin thru ur posts nd found out dat surprisingly dis one is missing mah comnt... i said to myself 'sandy, dis isn't fair 4 a Beautiful writer whos posts r worth reading again n again'...

    i hv been saying dis frm a long tym nw Palak.. u knw running after few people is a heartache, juz let dem be wid watever dey r... i knw its nt an easy task... bt sumtyms u need to do it.. juz to make other one realise dat 'YOU' also exist in dis world on ur own, if u dun care 4 me, i give a damm abt u....
    i can understand hw u feel, hv gone thru worse.....
    as i always say 'Shine like a star, so that whenever he luks up towards the sky, he feels bad abt missing the most valuable star of this universe....
    trust me, one day ur Prince Charming will come nd make u feel like the 'Princess'... juz hv faith nd be patient....
    dis is all hv gt to say abt dis post....

    (nd yeah, wud luk up for ur posts in which hv nt comented due to lack of tym nd do it asap.... till den...)

    Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc


    1. thanx a ton yar :) i can't tell how much adoreable i feel wen i read ur beautiful comments on ma posts :) n ya wud love reading mre of ur comments :D cz i actually admire ur comments really :) n yup princess is w8ng fr da prince charming hheheh :D thnx a heap again n tcr yar :)

    2. dats soooooo sweet of u.... :) :)

      Keep Smiling..... Bless you... Tc