Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Give a cHance to liFe-live freely(SOAK NO MORE)

Life is precious,You are extremely Lucky to be born as a human!
Value it by loving it,Value it by living each moment of life as if it's your last.
Life is not mere about MATERIALISM! It's much beyond that!
Life is not Just about your apple laptops,Your blackberry,Your AUDI Q7,Or any other luxury!
Life is much beyond the materialism,Much beyond STRESS,TENSIONS,FRUSTRATIONS!
Stress won't make you feel lively,Nor will your I-Phone,
Money won't lead to true hapiness! It's the time with your loved ones,It's the Seasons of this universe,
The love of you special ones which will make your life worth!
World is competitive I agree But running behind your Luxurious aspirations Is not the only thing for which  we are meant for! We are the beautiful creatures made by god to live on this amazing earth.
Go ahead Live life,Enjoy the serene ambience around you!
Step Out of your comfy beds And feel the rain!
Drench in it and feel the beauty of TRUE LIFE,
Feel the droplets and remember the one You love :)
Go out in your oldest Attire and feel the old days of your life,
Sing,Dance on your favourite songs,
Call your beloved,Your friends just to tell them You care,
Go for a drive living,Enjoying,getting inspired from each creature on the earth,
Leave your tensions,Stress,Billionaire dreams behind for sometime!!
And LIve!! Live to make your lifeWorth!

And give Your life a Fair true chance and make it worth!!
So that you never regret :) :)
                    This entry is for the SURF EXCEL MATIC "SOAK NO MORE"
                    contest organised by Indiblogger.


  1. You have nailed it Palak!!

    I second you on every thing you have said beautifully over here..

    Life is short and time is swift..

    Love it, njoy it, cherish it but never waste it.....

    Superb work! :) :)

    1. Hey :) thanx a ton for your loveable words!! i m glad u liked it :) n i olso love ur wrk like really :D ! keep visiting dear!

  2. This is short and sweet...you have certainly interpreted this topic very well...brilliant peice of writing and i completely agree with you

    1. :) :) smiling!! is what m doing while i m reading ur comment :) it makes me feel awsm wen ppl like u appreciate n agree with ma point of view ! thanx a ton really :) keep visiting!

    2. Honestly speaking ,...this is a good work and very few could interpret this way,...awesome :-)

  3. This is so unadulterated and I throughly loved reading it. I totally agree that many of us curl up in our beds, glued to the TVs and spend most of our leisure. It would be great if we can take out time and enjoy life like you explained :)

  4. Replies
    1. eeeeeeeeeee :) glad u loved reading it :) thanx :) for ds wonderful appreciation!! n u surely can try living dat way! if not olws,but atleast sometimes :) u l nva regret i bet ! :)

  5. You said it all in the first line itself. We are lucky to be born as humans, that we being smarter than all other living things. But sadly take everything for granted as we are the creators of this universe.

    Btw what's with apple laptops...?? because I am a big fan of Apple products and right now commenting using one...;) Why not other laptops. But I agree with your thinking being that we are being too materialistic these days. I like the simplicity in the post and Life is all about enjoying those small magical moments. All the best for the contest. Btw, my first visit your blog and I am glad I visited your blog....Cheers..:)

    1. First of all thanx alot for visiting ma blog!! m glad to have your precious comment here :) n apple..well somthing random u knw..nthng personal!! No offence :p every1 in ds world does love apple products :) here ma only point was living a life beyond materialism :) :) Cheers :D

  6. you knw Palak.... after reading dis post of urs was thinking.... 'Did I or Did I not' if 'Not'... den 'Why Not' ?????
    puzzled.... hehe..... ;)

    actually i was in real asking dis question to myself yarr... dat hw cum i missed one of the most incredible post frm my favryt blogger Palak.... (i think u shud leave a link of ur new post on my blog/google+ websites.... hehe)...

    i truly blv in u Palak.....a very nice post indeed....agree wid every single line of it....one of the best post on 'Castle of Words'.....

    "Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it."

    hey.. nd wat hapnd abt the contest... do temme... ???

    Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc...


    1. aaaawwwwww :) :) ds was da first word striking ma mind reading ur comment :) hehe! well this post is close to ma heart too :) i wrote wat i felt :) n surely wil tell u bout ol da posts hhehe ! result fr ds post is yet nt out!hope fr good,n ya i guess u wud love another post called love marriage ya arranged marriage! that too is fr a contest :) n ya buddy u make ma blog worth <3

    2. yeah... wud surely go thru ur every single post.....including the one mentioned by u... :) :)

      Keep Smiling... Bless You.... Tc