Saturday, August 11, 2012

The way she left me

Today I stand nowhere in life,
Because she broke ma heart!!
The heart that loved her,Just her with all true feeling$,
She moved on,she is far far away from me,
Not because I did not love her,
BUt because she preferred someone else over me,
She has made me feel helpless,
I stand nowhere..I am lost,
No words in this universe can define the way i feel right now,
I am devastated,destroyed,hollow,
I feel pale,
I feel a body with just breaths going on..But yet so lifeless,
I was'nt wrong,I am not wrong,
Yet here I am lost,pale,standing alone like a moron,
For her it was easy,For me it's tough,
For her I was an option,
For me she was the one,
For me she was ma angel,
For her I was a normal man,
For me she was ma life,
For her I was a just normal way!
It's hurting the way nothing could ever,
I feel ma heart is bleeding,It's not injured,It's finished,
I've lost her,
She's not bothered nor does she care!
But i am deteriorated,Ma life is of no worth!
I feel something even beyond hurt! Something beyond Death!! Something beyond everything !! :(
        *p.s this is ma 50th post for ma blog!! thanx a ton to ol those wonderful people who frequently visit ma blog n appreciate ma writings! m greatful to each one of u! hope to keep entertaining everyone fond of reading :) love u all :) take good care!! keep visiting! :) (( PAlaK :) ))


  1. Nothing really ever lasts :)
    Happy 50th post :)

    1. yea dats right it really does'nt !:) nd thanku so much :)

  2. Very sad story...beautifully written!

    1. ya i know a vei tragic one..thankyou so vei much for ur comment :)keep visiting!!

  3. Beautiful story palak....glad to step in here. . .

    1. thanku so much :) n m glad to have ur comment here :) keep visiting !!

  4. Beautifully written and congratulations for your 50th post. Way to go.. It is just a beginning.. :)

    1. thanx a heap prasoon :) ppl like you have make the beginning itself so beautiful that m excited for the long ways ahead :) keep visiting !!

  5. Kudos to you on your 50th post :) This is very emotional and you're making me cry - weep, weep :( Loved your post :) Hope this didn't happen for real

    1. thankew :) i knw m kinda vei emotional dats y it does gets reflected in ma posts as well!! don't cry's a part of life!! one does suffer somtime or other!! :) keep visting!!