Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love the way it's raining Baby!

It's raining Baby!
It's raining Baby!
I love the way it's raining Baby!
Come and lie in ma warm arms baby!!
Feel the sense of warmth Baby!!
I am sitting beside you here baby!
Hold me tight when thunders scare you baby,
Wrap your arms around me when lightning stares at you Baby,
Look into my eyes and feel the essence of romance in the air,
Hold ma hand and feel the droplets of rain,
Rain is beautiful, but yet Not more than you Baby!
I am lost in you beyond imagination Baby,
The flicks covering your eyes make you look like an angel Baby,
The wet hands holding ma shirt making me fall for you further Honey!
You owe me so much I wonder sometimes,
You make this season of monsoon Worth BABY :)