Sunday, July 29, 2012

"It's Hurting like hell "

Each text He sent me had piercing words lieng in them,
Each word he uttered for me seemed ruthless,
Each time i read those texts again i regret how could I make him so special!
Each time I thought he loves me,He proved me wrong.
Each time I tried more,He proved my tries don't make any difference,
"Give me A break" that's what he says to me! Wow!
What did I lack? Where did i go wrong?
Tears flowing n flowing..I wish i could count them..
I wish he could realize the unbearable pain his MOOD SWINGS cause for me!
Ma heart aches....It's paining...It's paining like hell !
I cannot say anything neither i can bear anymore...
I want him..That's all i know !
But will that time ever come?
Will that realization ever take a birth inside him?
Am i anything for him?
Was i ever anything for him?
..............................................words can't describe how i feel right now exactly!! But if one sentence could define it.... I'll Just say "It's Hurting like hell "


  1. Things change. Situations change and so do people. Sometimes you have to just accept that what you HAD was special and if things went wrong it is for the better. I know, it;s easier said than done. But when you stop letting your life revolve around someone else, you'll start living your life-your way. You'll feel a sense of calm like never before. Let go and release yourself of the pain!

    You deserve better. Please don't let anyone pin you down and live on your own terms. Don't give someone else the chance to make your life miserable *hugs*!!

    I really wish this is just fiction.

    1. i wish people din't ever change with time!! beauty of relationship would have been very amazing in that case!! letting go itself is a disaster smtyms i makes u fall fr sm1 n aftr smtym dat sm1 changes..n leaves u may be dats life! thanx fr ur comment :) glad u wrote so much..n smthng so meaningful :) bless ya!

  2. hey Palak.... let it be yaar... if he doesn't care for u... show him dat u deserve a lot better dan him... i knw it's very easy to say few golden words lyk move on, let it be, keep goin, life goes on, bt the only one suffering frm the pain understands it... nd m very well aware of that feeling....

    bt u knw wat ... Shine Like a star so that wenever he luks up in the sky feel wats he has lost.... der is no point running behind the one who doesn't even care for u.....
    trust me Palak. if he really loves u , he will come back.. juz hv faith nd patience.....
    nd also if he is hurting u so much.. den wats the point being in relation wid such a guy, coz love means never to hurt ur better half.....

    juz wait Palak... nd wats ur will eventually come to u... keep some patience and try nt to hurt urself.... u r a gal nd i feel gals r one of the most beautiful creations of this world....

    nw Smile.... :) :) :) :)

    Gud gal.... Keep Smiling.. Bless you.. TC


    1. well frst of all thanx a heap for sch an inspiring comment ..glad u too concerend !! well i personally don't really have da audacity to let go anything dat i it a relationship..friendship or anythng..have olws believed in trying,putting in mre n mre efforts! wait n patience is what i have been doing..n u knw smday or da other it wil wrk :) thanx again!! tcr dearo :)

    2. hmmm well Palak.. to be very honest no body including me has "da audacity to let go anything" ..... nd it's a fact... no matter wat people say abt moving on bt inside der heart a thing of being together always persists.....

      nd yeah.. wait & patience is the only thing we have gt.. atleast i can say dis for both of us...... trust me... it will wrk... nd sumday everything wud be if not perfect den stable nd alryt.... till den...

      Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc


  3. life is like that
    what more to say...
    i wont say to move on and forget the past coz i couldnt!

    1. so true...few things r jst too deep to be defined in words! thanx a lot fr ur comment! keep visiting :)

  4. Yeah it does hurt like hell. At that moment you hate it's source, in the next you feel you can't live without it. Moving on is almost impossible when your whole existence has bowed before a single entity.

    An excellent piece Palak. Your words reminded me of my pain, I almost slipped back into it.

    'Twas poignant to the core.

    Read this

    1. m happy to have someone's comment whu himself is an extra ordinary writer ! i love ur blog seriously :) n yea the pain one feels is just too hard to explain...the silence,the hurtful phase!! too hard to go thru!! i m lucky to have the ability to write something that could touch ur heart !! tcr! :)

  5. Yeah. .
    Abstly true. .:-|
    Seems it picturise my situation exctly wot m feeling. .
    Same i wl say... It's relle hurting a lot !!

    1. i know...n da worst part is no1 can understand how hurt u r!! n cz of whum u r hurt is too ignorant to realize :(

  6. eXctly !!
    nObdy understand. .
    It's nly uh who feel d pain. .:'(

    1. don't worry!! time has it's own healing power!! things will be fine soon...wd tym !!

  7. hmM. .!!!
    I hOpe sO. .
    Evn i dn't gv up. .
    Wen i flt to gv up thn i alwaz hv 1 thngs. .Tht y m holding it too long... Thr i gt my courage agn to live fr hope, believe. .!!