Sunday, July 21, 2013

The never ending love..

I have been badly dependent on you,
I know how it feels now,
How it kills when I realize how ruthless you have been to me,
How the thought of how you've been treating me makes me shivers,
It feels I am no one for you,
May be I never was,
Why were we together I don't get this though,
You have gone,
Gone far enough to make me even feel your essence in my life,
It hurts to see you doing well enough without me,
What hurts more is why do I still feel so deprived?
Am i addicted ?or is this mere attachment?
It's endless form of love..which seems to be going on and on without considering the fact how much pain it is bringing along..
What kinda love is this?
A love that is never gonna end?
Or the love where you decide to be the sacrificial lamb throughout the life time..
 *p.s i am writing after a very long time and all i could do was just pour ma heart out in a single post as much as i to all the regular readers n followers :)