Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beautiful Ends to my Beautiful Braids!

My long and wavy hair tied in a neat braid,
A braid with shiny n lustrous hair,simply a split end free braid.
When people used to turn back n look at me twice,
Asking me how do you manage to have a such a split end free braid?
Smiling at them feeling proud to have such a braid,
Thankyou mom for giving that pamper to my hair that helped me get this beautiful braid :)
It has been three years since the school life did end,
College life began with awesome new trends,
But one thing is yet the same,
Ma long wavy hair tied up in long split end free braid,
New charming n conditioned hair look is ma hair look of everyday :)
Yet people turn astound looking at me,wondering of how perfect is her braid,
Thanx to new dove split end rescue system :)
You helped the magic of less split ends to forever stay :)
"When your hair splits up at the ends,the first thought that comes your mind is to get a haircut,but not anymore !Dove has the perfect solution to keep your hair beautiful till the ends".
This is my entry for the dove therapy contest "beautiful ends to your beautiful braids" organised by indiblogger!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where is the way?

I am Lost inside the traps of all,
I don't know what was love..n how was being apart..
I m alone in this whole new world..
This is what i know..This is what i know!
Ma eyes have pain,
A pain of crying too much..
Ma heart has pain ..
Pain of getting hurt so much..
Ma life is devastating..
Life that has gone through so much..
Because i dared to love a man...
More than he deserved as such.
 *p.s sorry to everyone whu follows ma blog n reads it quite often.have been staying too busy because of ma exam preparations, its a tough bsy tym till 28 april...will get back to u every1 soon :) miss you all :) love Palak :) hope u ol gna frgve me ssoorryyy :)