Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In the shackles of love and emotional attachments I feel I am nowhere today,
each and every phase has just let me down,
how long do I need to have patience,
how long am I expected to keep calm and wait for the storm of these sufferings to end,
How terrible it is for me to deal with the suffocation I am going through,feels like I am dying within,
The shackles of love have made me weak...weak to such an extent that I can neither trace my ways nor can I figure out my destinations,
I just know nothing is fine....just nothing feels right,
I feel I am nowhere,I can't feel happiness nor I can feel positivity,
all I can feel is an endless n incurable form of pain inside which seems to have been going since forever,
I need the feel of breaking these shackles of pain but every time I try I just fail,
This suffocation is leading me to death....the death which is making me numb with each new moment of life....