Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In the shackles of love and emotional attachments I feel I am nowhere today,
each and every phase has just let me down,
how long do I need to have patience,
how long am I expected to keep calm and wait for the storm of these sufferings to end,
How terrible it is for me to deal with the suffocation I am going through,feels like I am dying within,
The shackles of love have made me weak...weak to such an extent that I can neither trace my ways nor can I figure out my destinations,
I just know nothing is fine....just nothing feels right,
I feel I am nowhere,I can't feel happiness nor I can feel positivity,
all I can feel is an endless n incurable form of pain inside which seems to have been going since forever,
I need the feel of breaking these shackles of pain but every time I try I just fail,
This suffocation is leading me to death....the death which is making me numb with each new moment of life....


  1. i can totally relate. You'd give away everything just for this pain to stop. But such is life and there are things we learn the easy way and then some things we learn the hard way. At the end time is the only healer for such conditions. Before dawn comes the darkest hour of night. Also what you do when you fall down shall define your for the rest of your life!

    1. First of all thank you so very much for visiting my blog and sharing your comment,really means a lot.
      Indeed sometimes you can actually do anything to stop the pain.
      Talking about lessons,well ya pain is the best teacher I believe...
      Time,hope it acts as a healer soon :)
      Thanks a ton once again n keep visiting :)

  2. Pain demands to be felt. I read that in The Fault of Our Stars.
    It's good to feel pain, but don't let it bind you so much that you lose sense of sanity.
    Let go Palak. Hang on to yourself !

    1. hmm,I don't know but honestly pain never feels good you know,
      of course it taught heaps of lessons but at the same time it has made people weak too,
      You are right it's actually binding now..
      :) Thanks to u fr dis :) *love*hugs*

  3. You know, sometimes when things are not working in our way, it is better just observe and move with what life has to offer. Some things are way out of our control to change it the way we want it to be. Pain teaches to live for another day, so hope can takeover and make our future days better...:)

    1. Pain teaches to live for another day, you said it all in one line :)
      Thank you :)