Friday, June 27, 2014

The dilemma

Somewhere between I want to talk to you and I want to get over you,
I am still stuck...
Stuck with the fact that may be you will realize,
may be you will fear loosing me too.
May be you will feel the need of this relationship we had,
But at the end of the day I am stuck..
Stuck because I know the doors I have been knocking...
Responses and affection from behind these doors died long ago...
May be the "I want to get over you"  scenario will overpower the "I want to talk to you" scenario soon someday....
      *p.s Not always you can act practically and logically strong...sometimes it's the heart that can overpower almost every right and logical thing.


  1. Only the heart knows the pain it feels. And I do realize that no amount of advice or talking is going to help. Unless you stand up and decide on your course of action.

    Do you want to reside in past memories, mourn over them and spend your life? Or do you want to take charge, make new happy fresh memories and march ahead stronger. The choice is YOURS. I'm sure you'll make it. *hugs* :)

    1. Yeah at times even the best of advices don't work..& even the most logical decisions seem wrong..but then its only we who can stand by the right decision and choose the path of fresh start :)
      Thank you so much for your so beautifully written words :)
      Indeed they were very inspiring :) I hope I make the right choice soon :)
      *hugs* :) take care

  2. Ahh ... those wounded souls speak their apathy towards the relationship they had which is not the same anymore ... you struck those cords ! :)

    1. Thank you much for dropping by :)
      Yeah accepting the fact that things are not the way they were is the toughest task :(
      keep visiting :) take care

  3. The heart needs something to hold onto. When it finds that something, you will move on without any prodding. :)

    In other words, we never move on...we just move ON TO something else.

    But hey, on a brighter note, that something else need not be a person :)

    Do drop by mine, if humour is your poison.
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    1. Thanks a ton for dropping by :)
      Your words had a very different perspective :)
      and I kinda really liked it,keep visiting :)
      take care ! Cheers :D

  4. Firstly thanks for visiting my blog posts and commenting on it, appreciate it..:) My First visit to your blog & you got a follower...:) I guess when it comes to matters of the Heart, logically and Practicality never works. The picture is beautiful and equally complimented by the wonderful words..:)

    1. Your blog is worth a visit buddy :) I really love your writing style
      Thanks a ton for dropping by :)And you r very right,logic has no place in the thing called love .
      Glad you liked my work :)
      Keep visiting :) Take care

  5. The worst feeling in the world, not knowing what to do. Move on dear, because it's over, it's over for the new things, and experience, all you need to hear them, but you are still beating the closed door of the past. Just hope you move on :)

    1. First of all thank you so much for dropping by :)
      I agree it is indeed one of the worst phase of life.
      Yes you very right,Move on is the only option :)
      keep visiting :) Take care :)

  6. Good one :-) comes close to today's reality. I sure was able to connect. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much :) Glad you could connect to it :) take care,keep visiting