Sunday, April 5, 2015


Togetherness with your best friend is something you cherish throughout your life time,
Girlfriends are too hard to find after all.
Life is too competitive nowadays that being friends with the same gender seems to be a miracle these days,
probably I am quite lucky when it comes to having the girl best friend ,
the friend who understands me more than me at times,
the friend who consoles me and scolds me on the very same moment,
she can be funny,she can be serious,
she can be naughty,she can be moody,
but 'we together' is what gives a true meaning to the thing called friendship.
I still remember that late evening,when I was pale.
Low,low to an extent where I had given up,given up in every aspect of life.
Depressed was probably a small word that day to define the extent of pain I was into.
Pessimism,negative thoughts,heartbreaking scenarios and what not.
But she stood by,no matter what.
I don't wish to talk Ashima,leave me alone was the only thing I kept repeating the entire day,
We are going for a good long walk at our favourite lake and you know what babe? "you don't have a choice to say no",she said.
All right you stubborn woman was all I could utter that moment.
It gives me happiness when I look back and think of that phase where she was with me together to support me in that devastating phase of my life,
I still remember those lines by heart-
"Life is too short Palak,
you are an angel for so many people out there,
you got to believe in yourself,
you got to prove all those morons wrong.
I am here with you,for you and just you,remember that baby.
One moron guy who could not value your love,some cheap friends and their pranks,non-supportive family in few instances is not something that can make a strong ambitious woman like you give up honey.
You are a shining star,a star that is supposed to shine in the upcoming times.
You have no idea how special you are Palak.
There are so many people out there who wish to be like you,
God has made you as a beauty with brains sweetheart,
you are meant to outgrow these tiny sad scenarios of life.
You are a beautiful and an independent woman,
and you don't need a guy's presence to validate this fact.
You are strong,remember that,
much more stronger than even I know,
and you have to prove this to me.
You are a full package of talents delivered by God
have you ever realized that you moron?
I literally laughed with tears in my eyes,thinking inside how can someone understand me so well,
but yeah that's true,she does know me so well,
and she proves this in each phase of my life,whenever I need her.
I hugged her tight and I felt that truly I can't even think of giving up.
Some bonds of life are too special,too beautiful to be defined in words.
I love her and # TOGETHER we are complete.
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