Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Marriage!! A small lil word with depth of feelings hidden inside,that's meant to last forever!
God has made two people for each other somewhere in some or the other corner of the world!
Marriage? Should it be a arranged?or should it be with the one you love?
A debateable question since ages!
Well I believe it should be with the one you feel is your Mr.right Or miss.perfect!
People say love marriage is all about disregarding,disobeying your parents!!
It's a BIG NO to this opinion! It's entirely false.
Our parents love it when we act as independent.
Parents are equivalent to GOD,
They live to see us happy!
Love is the purest form of emotion, a human being can experience in lifetime!
Love is serene! Marrying the one you love is the best gift one can receive from god!
Marriage needs little amount of adjustments,compromises,loads of compatability,and LOVE!
And if you know the one you gonna get married to, you hardly need more time after marriage to make things work,
Being in love before getting into the bond of marriage makes you understand him/her completely,
You learn to adjust with their behaviour,their flaws,their mood swings,
You make efforts to tell them what you love about them and what makes you hurt!
Till the time you are ready to get into the Beautiful bond of marriage you are completely sure of what are the do's and don'ts you need to follow after marriage with your partner :)

The time  period people generally use to understand each other,the likes and dislikes after An Arranged marriage might just prove to be so long sometimes.
On the contrary in case of love marriage It's  just so simple,Everything is just crystal clear,You know them,It's just now you officially owe them. :) you can express,love as much as you want to! No more time to be put up,No clashes as to make adjustments,just creating a scenario full of love,hapiness for yourself,your family,n most of all you partner!
The one you love truly will make each possible effort in return to love your family as well!
He/She will consider your family as their's.
And you know that's what matters the most!
And this will enhance the bond of Your Pure relationship called marriage even more!!
Love makes the life beautiful And marriage makes love last forever indeed!
Indeed marriage depends on "WILL POWER" "LOVE" "LOYALTY" and most of all "COMMITMENT"

        This post is an entry for the "LOVE MARRIAGE YA ARRANGED MARRIAGE" contest organised by Sony entertainment Television and Indiblogger.


  1. He he..... I was expecting something similar after ur comment on my post on the same topic. The points that you have brought here are true in every sense but then it works for few and doesn't for few others.

    It basically depend on individuals.. but love your point of view..

    Good Job again Palak! :) :)

    1. heheh :) :) m i die heart romantic by nature! dats y i m a big believer of love marriages :) thanx fr ur appreciation :) n undoubtedly i olso loved ur point of view as well :) :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanku so much :) loved ur post for this entry too :) vei amazing :) thanku!! ol da best to u too :)

    2. I think the words written above came directly from the heart as every word sounds so true. Very well written post Palak :)

    3. hey thanx a heap for visiting ma blog :) n yup dey did cm frm heart directly n i penned them down :) keep visiting :)

  3. - Marrying the one whom you love is the best gift you received from God
    -> We say that our parents represent GOD. There are families where parents don't advocate this concept of love marriage. So in such case would this love still be a gift?

    -Being in love before getting into the bond of marriage makes you understand him/her completely,You learn to adjust with their behaviour,their flaws,their mood swings,
    -> What if your love deceives you. He/She is not the same what they used to be when you were in love. Does this statement still holds true?

    -On the contrary in case of love marriage It's just so simple,Everything is just crystal clear,You know them,It's just now you officially owe them. :)
    -> So does it means in arranged marriage you don't officially owe them? I think in any form of marriage what it matters is marriage ...wheter it be love or arranged.

    -The one you love truly will make each possible effort in return to love your family as well!
    He/She will consider your family as their's.And you know that's what matters the most!
    -> Even this is possible when your marriaged is arranged. That doesn't means that in arranged marriage, the person ignores your family.

    I appreciate you in listing out the points favouring love marriage but these points are not strong enough to convince me. I think you could think more cause I could easily counter attack with the umpteen num of points favouring arranged marriages but aforementioned all that matters is marriage. Loved this article although I am not critical of it, just thought of mentioning some loopholes...Otherwise this is a brilliant write up.

    1. hey..first of all thank you so much fr writing up such a long comment !! i appreciate it :) n i guess every1 does have a different point of view!! i respect arranged marriages,it's just that i believe in lOVE above everything in ds world!! For me love is the purest form of must experience!! n love before marriage does make a bond strong as far as i believe!! :) thanku so much fr visiting ma blog!! :) m glad!

  4. Lovely post and so true to the core. Guess, must've come straight from your heart.

    I just subscribed to your blog, cause' I don't want miss reading your lovely post :)

    Do visit my site sometime -

    1. hey thanx a heap for visiting ma blog!! n olso thanku for da lovely appreciation :) will surely visit urs :) keep visiting ! glad u found it lovely! :)

  5. A different take as you assume that parents will definitely say yes. Not many lovers may agree with it. Nice writeup.

    1. :) :) thanx for visiting!! one day i feel ol parents will be able to understand the point of view of children :) cz love is no crime!! it's serene! and r hapiness i what matters to them !thanku :) keep visiting!

  6. beautiful comparison dear.....

  7. I believe that everyones take on this topic would somewhat be similar but I would have loved it if you could illustrate it with examples of near and dear ones if you had... so it would give a personal touch to it... You have written it pro love marriage and very brilliant points indeed. :-) Good luck.. I just need to scribble my entries for these 2 contests at Indi.. I hope you read them too :-) Following you blog Palak :)

    1. Thankyou so much :) :) :) will surely read urs :) definately!! btw i couldnot search u on indi blogger i tried but could not!! :(

  8. That was worth reading. Nicely composed!
    All the Best :)

  9. nice post :) all the best!
    here look at this one when you get time :) and yeah do promote it on indiblogger if you like it :)

    1. thankyou so much will surely visit urs :) ol da vei best!!

  10. You seem inclined towards Love marriage but I believe both work ... do read a small story I posted here ...

    1. i am inclined towards love marriage coz I believe in LOVE :) thanx fe ur comment!! will surely visit urs :)

  11. It is a good 1
    u made it far interesting then the topic actually is..,,
    good work

    1. @shiv"s :) :)thanku so so so much fr da huge compliment :) :) glad!

  12. heyyyiiieeee..... guess wht... ??? dis post is..... hmmmmmmm... let me think..... still thinking...... actually m nt getting a perfect word to describe one of the Magical post ever written by my favryt blogger, oops sry, frnd 'Palak'.... :) :)

    u knw wat... actually u wer ryt... i lykd dis post a looooottttttttttt....nd think dat dis shud be given as a template to all dose who create differences in Love and Arrange marriage....

    m myself a die-hard romantic person yaarrrr nd a true believer of Love the only problem is m still in search of my soulmate.... nevermind.. umeed pe to duniya chal rahi hai..... hai na Palak.... :) :)

    der r always pros n cons of everything... i dun understand y people take Love marriages negatively.....guess the blame goes to our celebrities, who can't even last der 'so called' luv maryg even a month.... nd it gives our 'so good' society a point to put arrange maryg over luv... bt i guess it's nt wat actually it luks lyk.....

    I hv seen examples wer even arrange marrygs hv failed to last long nd luv marrygs hv proved more worthy, so wat I feel is that it’s nt abt love/arrange marriage… bt the mutual understanding between two soulmates…..hw much dey care, love, respect each other…….

    I also feel dat it’s an unending debate nd wud last for centuries unless people see nd feel the real meaning of relationships be it coz of love or arrange marrygs…..
    Both hv gt different charms Palak…… if in Love you knw the person frm top 2 bottom den in arrange u get to knw him/her wid tym…….. but the main thing is dat hw u take care of keeping ur relationship evergreen……

    (U knw Palak, m kinda angry frm u (hehe)… coz ur posts take me into different world wer I can’t stop myself frm thinking nd writing…. And c wat hv u done again by creating dis beautiful post…. Trust me hv to forcefully stop myself to end dis comnt…..:))
    Lastly it was a post worth reading again n again, do keep me updated abt the contest results….

    ‘Castle of words’ is the only ‘Castle’ one wud luv to be imprisoned for a Life Time juz to make sure one doesn’t miss a single post by ‘Queen’…….:))

    Keep Smiling….. Bless You…. Tc :) :) :) :)


  13. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww :) :) :) :) :) u made me melt wd ur beautiful comment!! i m spellbound reading ds yar!! u kinda in love wd ma blog?isn't it :D hehhhhehe n ya olws be angry if making u angry makes u ryt so awesome ;) hehhehe lolz! n ya Castle of words’ is the only ‘Castle’ one wud luv to be imprisoned for a Life Time juz to make sure one doesn’t miss a single post by ‘Queen’…….:))
    i cant tell u how special dese lines have made me fell :) thanx a ton buddy !! really i m too glad to have u here :) tcr be happy :)

  14. :) :) it's alwys my pleasure to be here.. :) :)
    nd abt being in luv wid ur blog....hmmmm.. i think yessss.... ;)

    Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc


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