Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where am I?

You learn while you grow,
you get to know alot while you grow they say.
Not everything is worth knowing but then sometimes life has its own way of teaching you things.
Childhood,teenage and then you become an adult.
Seeking attention.trying to do all you can to fit in,learning the aspect called survival of the fittest.
But sometimes this journey of 'fitting in' becomes so disastrous that you start losing yourself in this never ending journey.
How long can you do things to make people love you?
they say love is unconditional but then why are we endlessly doing things and making efforts in order to become the way they want us?
Aren't these so called conditions which they still call as unconditional love?
What is unconditional in this?
How far are we gonna keep loving them and keep losing our individuality?
I feel so lost at times inspite being in huge crowds of people....friends,special ones...
Seems like I am doing it all to be with them but then where is the real me?
Those late nights where I cry and moan in silence,
asking myself what am I exactly doing with my life...
but then that's the choice we make I tell myself,
and sleep with another bunch of unanswered questions.............


  1. Another awesome poetry from your end... beautiful!

    1. Thankyou so much love *hugs* :)
      Take care

  2. Love is unconditional. But sadly, this form of love is dying. Don't try to figure out things, just live your life. Good or bad, it is yours.

    Beautiful expression, Palak.

    1. Yeah true sometimes not figuring out things is the only answer.
      Thankyou :)

  3. You have just wrote the naked truth of life. We all are actually naked, just trying to dress well. I very well appreciate the deepness of your thoughts Palak. Hats off yet again. I have no idea how much more is there inside you still yet to come.

    1. we human beings are to good at faking you know.
      And talking about depth of me,I probably feel I ahve become hollow haha.
      Thanks for your never ending appreciation Karan :)
      Take care