Friday, June 5, 2015

Last night

How am I gonna live without him,
I have been asking this to myself since last night.
I deleted him from my contact list,but will he ever be deleted from my life?
From my heart I would rather say.
The most incurable and deepest form of love,how am I gonna delete it all?
but probably I don't have an option either.
I will let go,but this one decision to let go is the heaviest decision I could take.
But no options were left.I was trying to make a dead world alive.
I was living in fake illusions of mine which had no meaning.
I am letting him go,but inside I have lost a part of mine,I have died inside,I have lost my inner soul which was deeply in love with that man.
Last night everything got over,we would probably never talk or meet,but I'll miss him always.
Its hard to accept that he has been hurting me and destroying me each moment and hasn't shown any concern for this bond and has clearly left,
but yes it has to be accepted.
I loved him,I probably still do,but I am letting go,yes I am.
The last night......the heaviest one....
 *p.s I lost a part of mine inside you which went away along with your exit.I'll miss you kidrock.Take care,with you left my dreams and happiness.


  1. Honest and Poignant. You express well.

  2. its very hard but not impossible..

    1. I hope so too :) Thanks for dropping by :) Keep visiting.Take care

  3. I can very deeply relate to this one, simple pure human emotions, neither good nor bad. :( :(

    1. I know karan,mixed emotions make us even more helpless :( take care