Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am not god,
I am not a decider.
I have no power  to rule ,
but yet inspite everything forgiving you is what i really wana do,
it was'nt so easy,
it really was tough,
but yet inspite everything forgiving you was must,
da screams of my tears u could nva even hear,
da darkness of ma life din't even gave you fear,
sorrows that surrounded me, u can't even imagine,
but yet inspite everything forgiving you was a must,
I could nva deny  that i love you,
I could nva deny that ma breaths last in you,
i could nva deny that care for you can't be killed,
you went away leaving me behind so far,
running away so far as if you were never ever mine,
your memories kept coming making ,me cry for you,
oh baby you don't even know those millions of tears that i cried for you,
yet wen u came back ma heart skipped a beat,
inspite all that u did  ma heart still feels,
coz even wen u were not there,
not even a single day went without dose weeps,
i loved you each moment even wen u din't,
u r da man with whom i really wana live with,
inspite whatever you did,
i wana trust you ,
coz dres nothing else i wana do,
dat is why forgivivg you is what i really wana do! I LOVE YOU!


  1. i dnt dont know bt hw can we 4giv sm1 who made us feel most special sumtime and wen d same person acts as if u r simply a nobody 4 him now....

    1. ummm i agree its like damn u knw..smtyms forgiveness is better than ego..n smtyms..gvng a second chance is da only option left wd us! thnx fr ur visit dear :) @mango girl

    2. may b i can 4gv sum1 who hurts me bt dat has initially hurt my parents too soo now 4givin becomes impossible.... but yah everything changes wid d situation u actualy face

    3. yups dats true..situations play da major role! n ya i mst appreciate dat u take ur decsns considering ur parents ...2 gd gr8 gng yar! regards :) thnx fr ur wndrful cmnts :)

    4. @Mango Girl ---- m glad that u visited this blog sis, she really writes well, isn't it..... hey nd dun be sad yaarrrr, everything wud be fyn, time is the best healer, juz wait, hv faith nd keep patience...alryt..

      @Palak --- she is my sister, thnx for ur encouraging words Palak,

      @Both ---- Keep Smiling, Bless You... Tc


    5. @sandeep.... yeah bhai aree wid unnnn yeah even i hav become a regular reader od palak's blogs.... :)

    6. @sandeep n @mango girl..thanx a ton both of u :) it makes me feel v gd wen sm1 goes in depth n understnds wat i write:) keep visiting !:)

    7. ur welcum Palak.... :) :)


    8. @Mango Girl ---- Gud... :)