Monday, November 18, 2013

The New friend....or may be more than that..

I had left hopes of being happy long ago....
trust me...really long ago...
Call it the miserable phases of life that I faced...or the adverse traumas of depression..
Whatever it was the peak of disappointment life made me  face..
Life has it's own treasures ....well I feel so now..
Reason?? My new friend...friend who is miles away from me...
Friend who for now I cannot see..
But yet his presence is so warm,
He isn't here...nor is he near..
But his words are enough to make me feel the warmth of his friendship...his unconditional care,
being with him feels pure...
being with him feels secure..
I feel the urge to smile endlessly with his presence..
What has happened to me?
Am i falling too fast?or may be it's the time to just flow with this time?
Questions are many...but answer?
Well answer is just one...
YOU :)
Your presence has made me love myself...having you in life has made me realize that how beautiful I am..
This bond that you and me share....Its more than friendship...yet less than love...
I don't have perfect words to describe this bond that you n me share...
But its giving me heaps of happiness ....happiness that I always felt i was deprived of....
In the end I just know..You Make Me Feel Me :)
 *p.s I have been away from ma blog since very long due to my endless study and college stuff :( sorry to all the readers and followers.
This post was dedicated to ma lovable new friend :) AMAN :) love you heaps dumbo :*


  1. Was it an English dub of tum hi ho ?? just kidding ..
    congratulations for your comeback in the game of love .. n i hope you don't repeat the same mistakes again :-)

  2. hehehe :) :) thanx a lot for ur lovable comment <3 well lets see what life has in its treasure it frndshp..or love..umm clueless ryt nw :P n i hope so too dose mistakes don't happen again :)